Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Here - I'm Alive and I'm a Week Behind AGAIN!

Hi everyone. Thank you for your nice comments. I'm on nasty medication now which means I can't have any alcohol for 10 days - rats - I have all these Christmas parties happening too! However, by Christmas Day I'll be free to enjoy a glass or two of wine!! Yippee!

I'm going to have to recap very briefly on the last week. I'll go backwards!!

Tonight - Thursday - Track
I opted for the Spiral Handicap tonight as it didn't start until 8.15pm so that gave me a bit more time to continue writing Christmas cards! It was rather fun as three of us were very close together all the way through. Marg and Rosemary were running in the group ahead of me and I managed to catch them at about the halfway point. I really tried hard and after passing them continued to hear Rosemary breathing very loudly behind me. I was therefore very surprised when I finished and saw it was Marg finishing very closely behind me and Rosemary behind her. It was quite exciting being so close together - all three of us are in the same age group!

Distance: 3.5km
Time taken: 17:16
Average pace per km: 4:54
Calories burned: 200
Handicap: 29
Place: 4th!!! (that will stuff up the handicap group!)

Wednesday 13 Dec
Morning - Gym - 6.15am
RPM class - (spin)
This was one tough class - talk about a good workout. It was really hot in the room with all those bikes in spite of the fans working overtime. We had a different instructor and she was very good and make us work so hard. It felt good afterwards!!

Evening - Yoga
I have decided our yoga instructor thinks we are contortionists. We had a whole lot of new "asanas" tonight and they were so complicated. We had to do strange things with chairs upside down and backwards and shoulder bends and legs up the wall. I kept hearing my name as I was being corrected for just about every pose I attempted - "wider stance needed" "hips to the left" "arm further round" - aaaah - I'm sure this must be doing some good. Still, the last ten minutes of the class makes up for all the nasty stretches in the middle (I think!)

Tuesday - Parliament Relays
This was all I did today. I drove to the relays starting at Questacon and was put in a Vets' team. I elected to be the first runner as I knew I was going out to speedygeoff's dinner afterwards. Big mistake!! I was running against very fast runners and it is very demoralising to be beaten by everyone else especially one little sprinter who came up to about my knees!!!

Distance (according to Gandalf): 1.78km
Time taken: 8:40
Pace per km: 4:52 (but I was still last against number one runners)

Later after a shower I joined speedygeoff's training group and our Vets' sub-committee for a lovely dinner at Della Rocca - a delightful little restaurant in Kaleen. I indulged in a few glasses of wine - the last for a while - and it was most pleasant!

Monday 6.15am - gym
I worked on the machines this morning - mainly upper body as I wanted to save my legs for training after work. I didn't feel as strong as usual and couldn't manage to increase my weights - probably a bit weak at the moment cos I'm not 100% healthy but I guess I will improve.

5.30pm - speedygeoff's training group
Welcome back to speedygeoff who has returned after a couple of weeks away from us. We ran our usual warm-up lap of Parliament House then into the rose gardens where we ran shorter loops than last week with short recoveries between each loop. We ran 8 loops then ran a warm down round PH and back to the start. It was a fairly short session which suited me just fine!

Distance: 8km
Calories burned: 590

Saturday 9 Dec - medium run with Graeme's group
I met the Molonglo group at 7am for our usual run and it was lovely to find all the longer distance runners (including CJ) starting with us too. I ran a little while to start with Ewen, then with CJ just chatting before they turned off to run steeper hills up Mt Ainslie as we continued round the base. I started off feeling a bit ordinary and being a little wary but I really felt comfortable today and almost wished I had continued to run with Ewen for his 24km. Next time he runs that distance I will endeavour to join him. Today I just ran the loop. I ran keeping Cathy and Maryanne in sight but couldn't catch them.

Distance: 16.40km
Time taken: 1hr 41mins
Average pace per km: 6:13
Calories burned: 1024
Fastest km: 5:34


  1. Have a happy Christmas, Strewth, & a glass or two would be a good thing!

  2. seven days to Christmas, the geese are getting fat.

  3. Haven't visited your blog for a while but when I do I read that you have come down with something yucky. Looks like you have turned the corner, though. Merry, merry Christmas to you and Mr B and we will catch up soon in the new year.

  4. You are welcome to join me next long run (after Christmas!) - I'm very slow in the second half of these.

    Gandalf is on the money - the 'official' distance is 1.77k. I bet that knee-high sprinter couldn't beat you in a spiral handicap!

  5. As well as blogging backwards, you could try running backwards, or as it is better known "Backwards running"

    For Example:-

  6. Strewth, I hope you & your family are well & had a lovely Christmas. My best wishes for the new year & thank you for all your support this year; it is much appreciated!

    I will be down again in late Jan or early Feb - I hope we can catch up again.

    Take care,