Monday, January 30, 2006

Ten Weeks to Go! Focus - Endurance and Anaerobic Threshold

Activity: speedygeoff's running group 5.30pm
Distance: 13.01km
made up of 7:33km tough session followed by 5.68km slow warm down
Location: Parliament House and surrounds
Calories burned: 784
Temperature: Reached 37deg today!

Comments: Yes, it was hot and yes it was another one of speedygeoff's tough hill sprints. This time after our warm up we ran 5 x 800m loops on between 5 and 6 minutes including rest and the loops incorporated long tough hills. We have done that session before a few weeks back but not in this heat. It was definitely tough. During the day I had managed to consume 2 litres of water and I took water and gatorade with me to sip at between loops. After our warm down back to the start we had only run 7.33km and although I felt completely stuffed, Gary (Griffin), Ewen (Wombat) and I went for another warm down to make up a few more kilometres. Now, my program called for 12km easy and I figured as I had done 7 tough km that 10km would suffice but it was not to be. Wombat led us down to the lake and near the yacht club then back through the hilly paths of Parliament House grounds again and to the start. It ended up being 13.01km altogether. We ran the last few kilometres at my pace (very gently) which was considerate of those very fit boys. They were great company and I felt very virtuous at the end for having run that far. Mind you I'm a bit worried about the Cross Country Run tomorrow afternoon as my left foot is hurting again. I'm using the golf ball while I'm writing this and have a physio appointment on Friday. I also have a very sore toe on my right foot - I think I may lose a toenail soon. All these little niggles are character building!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Veterans' Handicap

Distance: 6km race (actual distance 6.13km) plus warm down of 3.19km - total 9.32km
Time: 35mins for 6.13km
Locality: Campbell Park
Calories: 359
AHR: 156bpm
MHR: 215bpm
Average Pace per km: 5:48

Comments: It felt hot and I felt dehydrated, probably as a result of not hydrating enough after the triathlon yesterday - oops! I actually started out feeling thirsty, not a good start. The course was definitely hilly, especially the first half and I started off too fast - another mistake. I was in group 15 and came 79th - not a memorable attempt but it's all good training. The course was advertised as an 8km event but was actually only 6km which meant I really needed to run a few kms afterwards to make up a bit of distance. I went for a warm down run afterwards with speedygeoff following CJ and Griffin. However speedygeoff and I only ran an extra 3.19km as I wanted to be back in time for the presentations. Our friend Jon came 4th in the long course just missing out on a bronze medal.

After the run we went on to visit our friends at the long course Canberra Capital Triathlon and to buy a really nice cappucino! Later still Mr B, Jon and I went to the travel show at the Convention Centre and picked up lots of interesting brochures to whet the travel appetite!

Tomorrow is the start of Week 9 of the marathon training - that's half way! It sounds like a tough week ahead.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

White Caps and Thunderbolts!!

Triathlon Number 3

300m swim

10km cycle (odometer reading 11.50km)

2km run

Time taken: Approx 50mins (have to wait for official results with splits)

Cycle time on odometer: 26mins
Average speed on bike: 27.2kph (against the wind)
Max speed: 40kph

Comments: When we arrived to rack our bikes and collect our race numbers and timing chips it was very hot, the lake was like a millpond and we were bemoaning the fact that it was going to be very very hot out there especially on the run. Mr B made a last minute decision to enter the tri too which was an unusual scenario for him.

Ten minutes before the first wave started (I was in the last wave for women 35+ and teams) the wind picked up and the lake went from a millpond to swirling white caps resembling swirling surf at the beach. It didn't stop there, in the distance there was the roar of thunder and the blue sunny sky changed to a dull grey with black threatening clouds coming ominously closer. By the time Wave 7 of the swim leg (mine) those white caps were looking very scary and the lake was looking very rough with the rescue boats rolling round and some of the swimmers out there already hanging on to boats. There wasn't a lot of time to feel scared. The whistle blew and we were off on the undulating waves. It was a decidedly slow swim but fortunately I breathe to the left and although we were battling a head wind from the East which is where we were heading I didn't actually swallow any water although my head went under the breakers a few times! I did see a few people hanging on to canoes and at least one person was taken ashore on the canoe so I wasn't quite last out of the water and I did survive the swim leg!

Out of the water, off with the goggles, a quick sprint to transition, on with the helmet and shoes and off on the bike and back to battling the wind. It was a two lap course turning left all the way. It was a bit hairy out there, the traffic was heavy and over the bridge there were a lot of idiots in cars yahooing and driving very close indeed. As I cycled along I could see flashes of lightning in the sky and hear the thunder rumbling. I was looking forward to the finish! Fortunately the rain held off during the course of the race. The tri had been advertised as an 8km cycle but they changed it to a 10km cycle which turned out to actually be 11.50km according to everyone's odometer readings. However I'm sure it will be called a 10km cycle when giving us our official times which will indicate rather slow times.

Back into transition after the second loop, rack the bike and off on the run. It was a bit tough for the first km but after the turnaround I was in my stride and felt quite comfortable especially as the temperature had dropped considerably since the storm threatened and it made it more pleasant to run. Overall, it was a tough race because of the difficult conditions but I'm glad I faced my demons (that nasty lake) and completed the challenge. Thank you CJ for your support and being our photographer!

Friday, January 27, 2006

I have been tagged .....

Actually, I was tagged several days ago but it's taken a while to get around to this. It requires pulling things out of my memory bank, some of which I prefer to leave there. However I'll do my best:

What was I doing Ten Years Ago?
Hmmm -
  • I had just started running and started training with the inspirational CJ who has long since left me for dead! I joined Veterans' Athletics and I also joined a group at the AIS for people starting out on a fitness regime (John Millers' Fun and Fitness). I ran my first Canberra Times 10km Fun Run.
  • My children were 18, 16 and 12 so all at home and two still at school.
  • I was working in the front office of a high school and home by 4pm each day - gee, that sounds like heaven now!
  • Mr B and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary that year and went to Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef - had a fantastic time and made some good friends there with whom we still keep in touch.
Five Snacks I enjoy
  • anything chocolate
  • icecream
  • cashews
  • yoghurt
  • bananas
Five Songs I Know all the Words to
Oh dear, I can remember verses of songs - heaps of them, but all the words is a bit more difficult. My siblings and I used to sing loudly in the back seat of the car when we went on long holidays with my parents every summer when we were very small growing up in NZ. It's funny how I can remember the words of songs I knew more than 40 years ago and yet I don't know all the words of all the songs I love to listen to now! I also remember the words of the songs my mum used to sing to me when I was very small to help me sleep, probably because I sang the same songs to my children. The following songs are the first that come to mind and are all very old (like me):
  • Ten Green Bottles (who doesn't remember that one?)
  • The Blackboard of My Heart
  • Go to Sleep My Baby
  • You'll Never Walk Alone
  • Stoop John B - my brother and I used to sing this while washing up when I was just a teenager and I can still remember the words - we used to sing it in parts!!
Five Things I would do as a Millionaire
This is sooooo difficult - if I was being pc I would give it all to a good cause but.....
  • Upgrade our house - landscape the back yard, including an enclosed deck and a swimming pool and have air conditioning installed
  • Buy my children a house and safe reliable car each
  • Travel all round Australia to the places I haven't been and then return to France and Italy, perhaps staying in Italy for six months so that I can learn the language
  • Take my staff on a cruise for a week to reward them for their hard work then retire!
  • Buy my friend an aeroplane
Five Things I Like Doing
  • travelling
  • keeping fit
  • yoga
  • spending quality time with my children and grand-daughter
  • swimming in the sea
I also love having coffee with friends, having a massage and reading a good book but I'm only allowed to say five things!!

Five Favourite Toys
  • Garmin
  • Ipod
  • Digital Camera
  • Mobile phone
  • Swiss ball
Phew! That was quite difficult really - took me longer than entering my daily blog!! I tag Luckylegs, Flashduck, Aki, Ewen and Friar.

Now back to the real stuff!


Morning Activity: Swim
Distance: 1.2km
Location: Civic Pool

Comments: I swam 3 x 400m. It was actually quite pleasant and although I started a bit late I just swam the distance as I hadn't organised to meet anyone for brekkie today. Instead I bought a coffee on the way to work and cooked raisin toast in the office - not quite the same but still worked ok. The swim felt good.

Afternoon Activity: Run 6.10pm
Distance: 10.70km
Location: To and past Lake G and home via cycle track through Giralang and Kaleen
Time: 63:14
AHR: 163bpm
MHR: 224bpm
Calories burned: 664
Average pace per km: 5:54

Comments: Ran without ipod today. Very conscious of the fact that we were heading off for the Australia Day concert in the evening and had to fit this run in first. Felt a bit sick when I arrived home - very hungry and although I took water with me I was very dehydrated. I quickly showered, ate some pasta in the car on the way to the concert and whizzed off to Parliament House to join the throngs listening to the concert. It was a great atmosphere but where we were sitting the speakers kept dropping in and out which was pretty annoying. It was fun though and the evening was quite cool later as the temperature dropped.

Thursday - Happy Australia Day
When I rose this morning my foot was quite sore and I was a bit headachy so made a decision to do my run tomorrow and have my rest day today instead. Mr B and I met up with CJ and Mr CJ in Kingston for a lazy lunch then in the late afternoon Mr B and I went to Yarralumla Bay and swam in the lake. It was so refreshing and although murky was really pleasant on such a hot day. Later P & J with grand-daughter Talia called round for a light tea before we all drove into Civic to watch the fireworks. We parked at Blundells Cottage and sat on the bank where we had a great view. It was fun.

Friday - a day away from the office
Activity: Run - fartlek session - 8.50am
Distance: 10:01km
Location: To Giralang oval for fartlek and on to tunnel and home
Calories: 609
AHR: 155bpm
MHR: 197bpm

Comments: This was a fartlek session but I left it far too late to run. It was soooo hot. I don't envy those running in the Customs Run today. I ran 15mins then went to Giralang Oval where I did a fartlek session as follows:

2 x 60secs/60secs float
2 x 30 secs/30secs float
2 x 60 secs/60secs float
2 x 30 secs/30 secs float

Not sure that I actually floated - more like a slow jog but I tried! It was hot, tough and I was not running well at all. I feel a bit discouraged actually. I don't seem to be improving! Ah well, tomorrow is the triathlon and Sunday is the Vets' Run.
When I arrived home from today's run I did 3 reps of 15 bench press with 5kg weights on my swiss ball and 20 sit-ups. I thought I shouldn't waste the warm-up!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day 2 of Easy Week

Activity: Easy Run - 6pm
Distance: 10km
Time: 59:30
Location: Cycle track via Giralang through tunnel towards Gungahlin
AHR: 156bpm
MHR: 186bpm
Calories burned: 629
Average pace per km: 5:57

Comments: The temperature cooled down considerably and the wind picked up. It was such a relief to run without the intense heat. I turned up the music and worked up a very healthy appetite. On my return I lifted a few weights, before a shower and spag bol for a late dinner.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Countdown to Ultra - 11 Weeks

Activity: Easy cycle 5pm
Distance: 17:29
Time taken: 57:48 (I said it was easy)
Max speed: 31kph

Comments: Mr B and I cycled gently from home and round the lake just to keep the legs moving. It was still hot but it was quite a pleasant ride cos we definitely took it easy. It was a really hot night and I had very little sleep. No matter which way I lay I just could not sleep. The window was open, the fan was on, but I tossed and turned all night while Mr B slept like a baby! As a consequence although I set my alarm to swim in the morning I switched it off and had another hour's sleep before joining CJ and Mr B for brekkie on Monday morning.

Monday - Week 8 - Easy Week
Activity: Run 5.30pm with speedygeoff's group
Distance: 6.59km
AHR: 161bpm
MHR: 215bpm
Calories burned: 358

Comments: I must admit I briefly contemplated piking out - the sun was just so hot still at that time of day - about 34deg. When I arrived at Parliament House they had barricaded off my usual entrance to the underground carpark (was this a sign?) in preparation for the Australian Day concert (Wed night actually). I was unsure what to do next when Karen turned up (one of the sprinters) and she led me into the carpark a different way. There was no escape. I joined the other 9 crazy runners (all men bar Karen and me although later we were joined by Erin, a new starter from the States who is in Canberra for 12 months and is delightful). We firstly ran a 2:32 loop slowly (yes even by my standards). I think everyone was treating the weather with the respect it deserved, at least for the warm-up part. Speedygeoff then led us round a 439metre (measured by Gandalf) undulating loop which we ran five more times on 4 minutes which gave us a short rest between each loop. It was slightly shady in the area we ran (or parts of it) and a lot of effort was made to go as fast as possible (which in my case is still a chug) but it was still jolly hot and hard work up those hills. After this we ran a warm down loop back to the underground carpark. It was a shorter session than usual and fewer people attended but I felt glad I was there and it was lovely to meet Erin who sounds very enthusiastic about joining our group and the Vets' handicap runs. Thanks speedygeoff for not (quite) killing us in this heat!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Long Slooooow Distance!

Activity: Run 7.15am
Distance: 34:01km
Time taken: 3hours 33mins
Average pace per km: 6:20
Temperature: 32deg
Fastest km: 5:44
AHR: 154bpm
MHR: 204bpm

I found it much tougher than last week. I think I started out a little late as the conditions were very very hot. I took a full load of drink bottles but it wasn't enough even though I filled up at the ferry terminal and found a water bubbler outside the Treasury Building on the last leg - wonderful.

I ran the first 1.5 hours alone setting off from the yacht club with ipod blaring and Gandalf nagging me to go faster. Just after the ferry terminal under Commonwealth Ave bridge I had arranged to meet Jon and found him waiting there with The Hare who had just started his long run and bumped into him. Fantastic - I had company for longer than I thought. Jon ran with us for 5km and The Hare continued on with me for 1 1/2 hours which was such a help.

There are always interesting little happenings on those runs out in the wop wops. This time it wasn't a snake we saw, it was a frill necked lizard. How absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen one before. It stayed quite still lifting its head with its beautiful eyes till The Hare touched its tail gently and it rustled off into the undergrowth - a delightful interlude. We ran out past the Boat House and Molonglo Reach then on to Jerrabomberra Wetlands which links up with the cycle path again and goes on to Kingston. Just about at the Kingston Markets Mr B turned up on his bike and when The Hare left me back at Commonwealth Bridge Mr B continued accompanying me on his bike which kept me going cos by that stage I was really struggling with the heat. We ran past the National Library and Treasury Building (where I found the bubbler) and along part of the marathon route just to try to increase the distance before turning and continuing back to the yacht club. As we were still 3km short of my distance I continued on for 1 1/2km past the yacht club up those hills which felt like mountains at that stage before turning and returning to the yacht club. Once back there I took off my socks and shoes and went into the lake. It was bliss. In fact it was so good in that water that I went right in to my waist so it was a good thing I had a change of clothes and a towel in the car. I didn't want to get out. I can't believe I fell in love with the lake water!! Anyway, after the run we all met up at Yarralumla at Beess & Co for coffee and brekkie. Boy it was good!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Aquathlon - A great Experience

Activity: Swim 300metres; Run 2.5km
Time: 20:36 (including transition)
Approx swim time: 7:13
Approx run time: 13mins
Approx transition: 23sec

Times will be finalised on net in a few days but I felt comfortable. The water was calm, the weather was cool - ideal conditions for both swimming and running. The most exciting thing happened - Aki and Flashduck entered the long course as a team with Aki swimming in the lake for the very first time and FD doing the run. Aki is so brave to swim 600m in the lake in a race for her very first event - I was most impressed. They both did really well. I felt very happy with my event too - it was relaxed and I felt great on the run. I think this six days a week running lark must agree with me but I'm still hanging out for my rest day tomorrow. Yippee! As we have a party to go to Sat night I've decided to run my 34km on Saturday, not Sunday, to save the early start Sunday although I believe I have a brekkie to go to on Sunday after an 8km run so looks like no sleep ins coming up in the foreseeable future!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Desperately seeking .....................

Oh dear me, why is it that when I run before 9am or after 6pm the public loos are locked? Who is the invisible man responsible for this?? Thank goodness for bushes but there aren't always enough of them in convenient places! I had one of those nights when bushes had to suffice and I had to shorten my 18km run to 16.49km and make a mad dash home!

Activity: Run 6.25pm
Distance: 16:49km
Time taken: 1hr 36mins 21secs
Average pace per km: 5:51
Fastest km: 5:30
Calories burned: 1017
AHR: 155bpm
MHR: 223bpm
Location: To and round Lake G and home via Giralang

Comments: Disastrous finish but I'm sure it would have been a good run if I didn't feel so yucky - definitely a runners' tummy problem tonight. However I almost ran the required 18km and certainly I felt as if I could have in normal circumstances. I was lucky with the weather as it had rained for the majority of the day and I kept peering out the office window willing it to stop as I knew I had to do this run after work. The wind was a bit strong in places and it was a nasty head wind which was tough at times but at least it wasn't hot and the rain held off although those dark clouds certainly looked threatening. I ran through some very big puddles at the lake and a family of ducks was thoroughly enjoying themselves. There were quite a few runners out and about and people pushing prams and families going for walks. It's a lovely time of night.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tempting Tuesday

I have given in to temptation and I'm eating a tim tam while writing this entry and it's yummy!

Activity: Run 6.50pm
Distance: 11km plus 6 x 100metre strides
Location: To and past Lake G and home via Giralang and Kaleen shops
Time: 51:30 for 9km (turned off Gandalf when I was adjusting ipod and forgot to turn it on for another km - most annoying but I know the distance for that particular route)
AHR: 158bpm
MHR: 226bpm
Fastest km: 5:33
Average pace per km: 5:53 (again approximate as I didn't turn off Gandalf when running strides and jogging after the 11km)

Comments: Well, I stuffed up that timing didn't I! I find it most frustrating when I turn off Gandalf and then forget to turn him back on as it mucks up all the average paces and total times - grrrr! However I know the distance from the route I have taken before. I was supposed to run 10km then the strides but it was 11km and I forgot to turn off Gandalf for the strides. Each stride was approx 100metres and I sprinted them then jogged about the same time repeating this 6 times. It was after 8pm when I arrived home to stretch and shower - far too late to be eating much as it tends to sit on your stomach. Mr B is out at squash tonight so I cooked myself an egg and a vegie burger followed by a tim tam - now that is probably not the most healthy meal known to man but I feel lazy! I did listen to Friar however and remembered to take plenty to drink for hydration tonight.

The official results of the triathlon are now on the website. I came 111th out of 159 but I also came 2nd in my age group. My times were 7:50 for the 300m swim, 20:12 for the 8km bike (including transition) and 10:48 for the 2km run giving me a total time of 38:50- not great, but at least it was better than last time by 4 minutes!

Footnote: I was given Paula Radcliffe's autobiography as a gift recently and am really enjoying it. There is a quote in it which I would like to share. It was said to her by her coach when she was a teenager. "Aim for the moon; even if you miss you'll land among the stars." What a great quote. I love it!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Wet Wet Wet!

Morning activity: Swim
Distance: 800m

Comments: Yes, I had a bit of a slow start this morning and only managed to squeeze in 800metres before dashing off for the all-important brekkie at RBB with Mr B and CJ - lovely and good to catch up with CJ looking brown and relaxed after her trip to the coast.

Afternoon activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Locality: Parliament House
Distance: 8km approx
AHR: 152bpm
MHR: 200bpm

Comments: It rained and it rained and it rained. However, knowing speedygeoff I knew that would make no difference to training happening so I collected Mr B from his office to give him a reprieve from cycling and turned up a few minutes late for the session consequently missing the group run off for the warm up. However Mr B and I ran up the stairs of the carpark and out into the rain to run the loop of Parliament House. We ran in and out of the tracks in the normal way for 2.13km before returning drenched to the carpark where the 19 other stalwarts were gathered for the main set. Our session was 10 loops of the carpark - an uphill slope to start and about 375m loop with the first 2/3 of each loop a sprint and the downhill return gentle. Then we warmed down by running the same loops 5 times in the opposite direction. My little legs were tired tonight and I was struggling on those uphill sprints. However I completed the course and it came to approximately 8km. Gandalf could not record in the carpark as he could not pick up the satellite so the distance is approximate.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Triathlon Day - 8am

Swim: 300m
Cycle: 8km
Run: 2km
Location: Yarralumla Bay
Approximate time: 38mins

Yes, the distances were short but the adrenalin rush was still there and nerves were high! However the weather conditions were perfect - slightly cool and cloudy and the water was calm. It was the biggest turnout there has ever been for a novice tri - about 350 competitors - and lots of familiar faces. Speedygeoff came down to cheer us on and Flashduck was a marshall on the course. This time I tied a bright orange hand towel on the rack near my bike so I could find it in transition. It was such a help. It was a good race and I enjoyed myself and felt quite comfortable even in the swim. I will have to wait for the official results to be recorded in a few days. It was good to catch up with a number of friends who only seem to come out of the woodwork in triathlon season. The atmosphere at these events is always fantastic. In the afternoon I went to bed and slept for two hours (something unheard of for me) - I think this weekend finally caught up with me!! Later we did some shopping and visited our little grand-daughter. It was a good weekend but I'm still tired.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Swans, Kangaroos and a SNAKE

This fitness lark provides some interesting sights. I forgot to say that last Tuesday when Griffin, speedygeoff and I were running our warm down lap in the stinking heat at North Lyneham hills we came across a family of very curious kangaroos - daddy, mummy and baby joey. They all stopped to have a look - so did we! They looked so beautiful on the horizon very close by and once they leapt away (wish I could move that fast) so did we! Somehow it made the hot dusty training run all worthwhile. It was lovely.

Then yesterday afternoon after work Mr B and I went to the lake at Yarralumla Bay for a short swim so that I could get the feel of the lake before the triathlon on Sunday. It was quite cool as the wind had picked up but the water was just beautiful - really warm. We only swam about 600m as I just wanted to gain a little confidence. Just as we approached the shore on our return lap a large group of black swans, big and small, sailed close by. They were so pretty and graceful.

Saturday's Long Run
Distance: 30:02km
Time: 3hours 1 minute 56seconds
Average pace per km: 6:04
Calories burned: 1877
AHR: 153bpm
MHR: 227bpm
Fastest km: 5:35

Comments: I met Jon at the yacht club at 7am and he ran with me for about 5km then slowed down as he was struggling with the heat. He did run about 13km and walked the other 2km back to the yacht club. We met up at the ferry terminal before running in different directions. I had my ipod for company and continued on under Kings Avenue bridge and on past the Boat House and Molonglo Reach where we have one of our vets handicap runs. Just before reaching Molonglo Reach a long black snake slithered across my path. I was running on the dry grass and jumped in fright. After that I ran on the cycle track or gravel and avoided the grass. I have never encountered a snake in such close proximity before. About another km further on Mr B cycled up and rode with me for the last 9km back to the yacht club. It is certainly easier with company even if he did say "shoulders back, elbows out, keep up the pace" when all I wanted to do was slow down. However I didn't feel too bad and was very pleased to run the full 30km in just over 3hours. Jon, Mr B and I went for coffee and brekkie at Babars in town. It was lovely - great coffee and plenty of water. It was very hot even at that time of day and reached 33deg fairly early. Tomorrow I'm doing a short distance triathlon - hope my legs will work for me. I feel very tired now.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!

Activity: Run
Distance: 6:68km
Calories: 420
AHR: 153bpm
MHR: 226bpm

Yes, I should listen to myself. I was a bit gungho and decided that I could easily run 10km without taking a drink - yeah sure. It was at least 31deg out there even at 6.40pm when I started my run. I ran 15minutes warm up and was already thirsty before starting on my hill sprints as follows:

2 x 60secs/60secs jog back down hill between each
4 x 30secs/30 jog
2 x 60secs/60 jog
4 x 30secs/30 jog
2 x 60secs/60 jog

Then I was supposed to warm down for 15mins but it was only about 8mins and although the schedule said 10km I only ran 6.68km and then ran home to have a very big drink! After that I did some weights (just chest presses and flies) on the swiss ball before enjoying a lovely refreshing shower and something to eat.

Talia, our 3 year old grand-daughter, with her new short hair cut!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

speedygeoff's Parliament House running group

Mid-week Medium Run

Activity: Run at 6.30pm
Distance: 16:30km
Time: 1hr 29mins 22secs
Location: To and round Lake G and home via Giralang
Average pace per km: 6:06
Calories: 1001
AHR: 150bpm
MHR: 193bpm

Comments: The day started out really hot again - 34deg - but late in the afternoon a storm quickly swept through and cooled down the air considerably. By the time I ran it was grey, cloudy and a little cool - much better conditions. My body however was tired and my legs wouldn't move very fast. I had trouble with my ipod which kept dropping out and it seemed like the 16km would never become a reality. My left foot hurt and is still hurting so it looks like another visit to the physio. My schedule said 16km (I thought it was 18km so that was a relief) so at least I ran it but it wasn't a comfortable run. To make matters worse for some strange reason I can no longer download Gandalf onto the Motionbased program. It just doesn't connect. My IT daughter has gone to the coast for three weeks so I may have to call on my IT son in the weekend! Technology is great as long as it all works!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hot (very hot) Tuesday

Morning activity: Short Cycle
Distance: 11km
Time: 34minutes

Comments: My bike had a mind of its own. I had trouble getting out of bed so started a bit too late to do a decent length ride but my cycle headed for the lake and when I reached The Lighthouse restaurant I did a loop of the skate rink and returned the way I had come. I had intended to cycle past the lake but my bike had other ideas! However I wish I had risen earlier and had time to cycle further as it was a lovely time of day, far better than later! It's a shame I can't cycle to work but I have a work car so have to keep it available for use during the day.

Afternoon activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Location: North Lyneham hills
Distance: 10:02km
Temperature: 36.4degrees - damn hot!!
Calories burned: 628
Fastest km: a slow 5:52
AHR: 159bpm
MHR: 207bpm

Comments: What can I say? - over 36 degrees - very little shade, virtually no breeze, hilly and dusty. Oh boy, it was tough. 7 hardy souls turned up for training and fortunately speedygeoff was gentle on us. We ran one loop to warm up (just in case we weren't warm already - ha ha) then a main loop in the other direction, then a warm down (NOT a cool down) loop with just 3 of us left at this stage. It was sooooooooo hot, no speed was obtained but at least we managed 10km. Griffin had the foresight to take an esky and lots of ice to training and we all put our drink bottles in it so that we could have nice cold drinks during the course of the run - great idea Griffin, it really helped! I did spend 10 minutes lifting weights on the swiss ball while I was still warm (hot) at home afterwards before my shower. Boy, it was tough tonight in that heat!

Monday, January 09, 2006

A New Week - 13 Weeks to Ultra

Morning Activity: Swim
Distance: 1km
Location: Civic Pool

Comments: A slow swim and the water was quite cool this morning but it was refreshing. RBB has opened again after the Christmas break so I met CJ & Mr B there for my favourite muesli.

My New Shoes!

Afternoon activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Location: Parliament House
Distance: 8:06km
AHR: 156bpm
MHR: 218bpm
Fastest km: 5:02

Comments: Phew - another tough speedygeoff session at Parliament House. I wore my new Asics Gel 2110 shoes and they felt fine. I refuse to wear them at North Lyneham tomorrow in the dust though! We ran a warm-up lap then ran 4 x 800m hilly sprints on 7 minutes which should have meant we had a long rest between each loop but it seemed to go awfully fast. Then to finish off we ran the sprinters' loop of about 400m. To finish we ran a warm-down loop of Parliament House. Mr B came to the session too and cycled there after work which meant he cycled home afterwards. No way could I have done that tonight!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Short Kaleen Block on Saturday

Activity: Run 9.40am with Mr B
Distance: 6km
Time: 34:20
Average pace per km: 5:37
AHR: 177bpm
MHR: 229bpm
Calories burned: 368

Comments: It was hot and I have to really try to keep up to Mr B. Not my fastest time for that block but felt happy enough. I had an 8km scheduled but considering the long distance I have to run tomorrow and the nail appointment I had at 11am the 6km block seemed long enough to me!

Sunday at the Lake

Activity: Run 7.45am
Distance: 26.02km
Location: From Yacht Club round the full circuit of Lake Burley Griffin including twice round the two bridges - Kings Avenue and Commonwealth - then back to the yacht club and out for another 1.4km to make up the 26km distance!
Time taken: 2hours 40minutes 44seconds
Average pace per km: 6:10
Calories burned: 1642
AHR: 147bpm
MHR: 222bpm
Fastest km: 5:35

Comments: Met Jon at the yacht club and ran slowly chatting for the first 5km then we picked up the pace a bit. Left Jon at the ferry terminal as he was then heading back to the yacht club. I continued on alone with Gandalf and ipod music for company as I had another 13km to run. Running alone is so much better with fast music. Although I ran the two bridges part of the loop twice I still ended up back at the yacht club after 24.63km so had to continue running a bit further as my schedule stated 26km and so that's what I did! Yay! Didn't feel too bad at all. The pace was probably a tad slow although it was between the suggested pace level. However I do think we ran a bit slow at the start. That can be rectified next time. Met up with Mr B and his running companion at the end as they had just run the two bridges although I didn't see them at all on the run. Jon, Mr B and I then went for the all-important coffee at Black Pepper which has re-opened after the Xmas break and met up with CJ there. Boy, her poor knees look rather the worse for wear after her bad fall yesterday. She was unable to run and they certainly look very sore. Later in the afternoon Mr B, CJ and I went to the Runners' Shop to purchase much-needed new running shoes. Now, I have my fingers crossed that this will help alleviate the pain in my feet!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Morning Activity - Cycle 6am - The bike lets me down!
Distance: 17:01km
Time: 51 minutes (not my fault)
AHR: 115bpm
MHR: 133bpm
Max speed: 34kph
Calories burned: 310

Comment: The cycle started off really well. In fact I was pleasantly surprised when Mr B decided to jump out of bed and join me. He's not working this week and usually rolls over and goes back to sleep when I leap out of bed but this morning he actually pulled on his cycling clothes and came along for the ride so to speak! We cycled to the Gungahlin Golf Club which is the direction I often run but unfortunately on the way back (only about 5km from home fortunately) I started to feel a lot of bumps and realised my back tyre was definitely going down. I was going to walk with the bike but Mr B said I could ride slowly as long as it didn't go right down so I did and it felt like I was dragging a sack of potatoes behind me - very slow and heavy. However I made it home before the tyre went completely flat - definitely a slow leak but obviously a puncture. Damn - such a shame when I was enjoying the ride so much and we had to cut it short obviously.

Evening Activity - Run with Gandalf and ipod for company
Distance: 10.16km
Time: 58:13
Average pace per km: 5:43
Calories burned: 611
AHR: 158bpm
MHR: 188bpm
Best km: 5:29

Comments: I think I'm becoming fitter at last. I went to the physio today and he massaged my feet - boy it hurt too, showed me some more exercises (you try picking up a pen with your toes!) and strapped my feet. Tomorrow after work he will strap them for me again so that they're fresh for the 26km run on Sunday, although I do have an 8km run scheduled on Saturday before the long run. Anyway, they hurt a lot after the visit but surprisingly felt fine when I ran. They hurt again now though. I hope we can solve this problem without orthotics but it's not looking too hopeful.

My run tonight felt really good. I was pleased with the time but I was supposed to follow the 10km with 6 x 100m strides and it didn't happen. I reached the door at 10km and I was hungry and it was late so I made the 10.16km enough for tonight - yes, I'm a piker! I have to say I really find the music cj has loaded for me on my ipod has a great beat and I find I run faster to it. Hope it works for 50km!! Rest day tomorrow - woo hoo - brekkie at RBB will taste soooo good!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back to the Pool!
Morning Activity: Swim
Distance: 1km

Comments: Slow but oh so refreshing. Actually this morning was lovely and cool, a welcome relief after the last few days. I even had a reasonable night's sleep for a change.

Afternoon Activity: Run at 6.15pm
Distance: 13:44km
Time: 1hour 19mins 52secs (79:52)
Location: Kaleen through tunnel towards Gungahlin
AHR: 157bpm
MHR: 185bpm
Average pace per km: 5:56
Calories burned: 829

Comments: Ran with new sportswrap holding ipod but have a bit of chaffing from it so will need to use some anti-chaff stick for that problem next time. Music was great but inbetween songs I could hear my breathing - not a good sound! I started with a very sore left foot and although it felt ok while running it is really throbbing now. I have an appointment with the physio in the morning so he'll probably strap both my feet again. I used the golf ball to massage it but oh dear, it does hurt tonight. I also arrived home very hungry!

After the run I decided to lift a few weights as I was well and truly warmed up so I did 3 repeats of 10 chest press on the swiss ball and 3 repeats of10 flies. I used the bright purple 4kg weights which my son gave me for Christmas. I also received black 5kg weights but I'll work up to them! I have to start somewhere.

It only reached 27deg today and it was so pleasant, in fact it felt positively cool at times throughout the day. Tomorrow the forecast is for 25deg - even cooler. I don't even have the fan going at the moment so it looks like I may have another good night's sleep. My plan is to cycle in the morning, just a short ride to stretch my legs before my physio appointment.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hot, dusty North Lyneham sprints

Activity: Run
Distance: 9.52km
Temperature: 32deg
Location: North Lyneham hills
AHR: 155bpm
MHR: 217bpm
Calories used: 573

Comments: Seven of us turned up for speedygeoff's North Lyneham session on another hot, dusty night. Boy, your legs change colour at those sessions - a lovely golden tan which disappears after a shower! The socks never recover their clean look and you never manage to extract all the little prickly grass seeds from them. It's so dusty out there with the roadworks and the wind. The wind must have been strong in the weekend as two trees had fallen on our track, one which required either a hurdle event or quite a detour to avoid it. We firstly ran the 3.22km warm up loop then our fearless leader decided we needed to do more warming up to return to a spot where we could run undulating sprints without tripping over branches en route. Our main session was: 20 repeats of 20secs sprints up a slight hill returning to the start jogging for 40secs. It was jolly hard work but by the 20th repeat I had nearly managed to catch the others in that last 20secs sprint - maybe another 20 might have done it?? More likely I would have required an ambulance! After the sprints we did a warm down to make it an 'almost 10km' session.
Footnote: Tomorrow's forecast is for 27deg - sounds a welcome relief!

Monday, January 02, 2006

The ipod lives again!

Activity: Run 8am with Mr B
Distance: 8.07km
Time: 46:07
AHR: 154bpm
MHR: 204bpm
Best km: 5.29
Average pace per km: 5.43
Calories burned: 488

Comments: I decided to run in the morning before the heat hit too hard and as it was my last day before returning to work I opted to skip speedygeooff's session in the evening and make the most of my laziness and quality time with Mr B before returning to routine tomorrow. Yesterday in Belconnen, which is the area I live, the temp reached 43deg which was quite horrific. I turned on the fan full blast and in the afternoon we watched "Chocolat" on video. It was not a day for venturing outdoors.
Today reached 32deg but at 8am it wasn't too bad as it had rained overnight. I wore my newly charged ipod (thanks to cj for downloading great music onto it) and ran with Mr B for the first 4km when he took off. It was a much better run than it's been lately, possibly because it was slightly cooler or possibly because of the beat of the music which kept me going although I was prone to burst into song at inopportune moments. I really must remember to sing in my head and not be tempted to sing aloud. That would cause a few looks in the Marathon! I'm really excited about the ipod now that I have the appropriate music. It makes running much more fun. In fact today we went shopping and among my purchases (including lots of bargains such as two skirts from Jacqui E for $10 each reduced from $80 - woo hoo) I bought a Sportswrap (25% off) which should work better than my current ipod holder as the cord tucks into it. I'll try it out on Wed as tomorrow I plan to go to speedygeoff's group after work - hope it's not too hot as it's a hill session.

Below is Talia, my 3 year old grand-daughter just before and just after her 3rd birthday in August.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year One and All!

And oh boy it's hot in Canberra. I have all the fans going in the house as we don't have air conditioning and I just ran outside to rescue the washing as a very heavy rain storm just swept through and lasted all of ten minutes. The sun has returned again and the temp has risen once more - a good "inside" kind of day as the wind has picked up and it's looking like "fire risk" weather out there. Last night we celebrated the New Year at a bbq party with lots of champagne and consequently things are moving a little slowly today. Fortunately my program gives me a rest day so I will willingly cooperate! It's too hot to do much else anyway.

Tuesday 27 December - Sydney
Activity: Run 7pm
Distance: 9.40km
Time: 51.42
Average pace per km: 6:13
AHR: 154bpm
MHR: 213bpm
Fastest km: 5.13
Calories: 430

Comments: Gandalf had trouble finding a satelite so the reading is not entirely accurate. The humidity was high and it was difficult to run at any pace even at that time in the evening. It was so hot. We ran round Double Bay and to Rose Bay but stopped short of Heartbreak Hill. No way were we going to attempt that. This week is supposed to be an easy week and all the runs are supposed to be at an easy pace so that's what they'll be, although I have to say there are a few undulations in that location!

Thursday 29 December
Activity: Run 7.45pm
Distance: 9km approximately
Time: 49:09
Average pace per km: 6:12
Fastest km: 5:05
AHR: 163bpm
MHR: 219bpm
Calories: 449

Comments: Again Gandalf struggled with the satellite and it kept dropping out during the run so again there is not an accurate reading. We ran a slightly different route to yesterday going in and out the streets of Double Bay before running on to Rose Bay where we did some more exploring. It was still incredibly humid even this late and back in the hotel I could literally wring out my running gear. Later in the evening we enjoyed the luxury of a spa - mmmmm, heaven.

Saturday 31 December - back in Canberra
Activity: Run - A "crash and burn" event!!
Location: From home to and round Lake G with an extra km at the end to make up the distance!
Distance: 16:06km
Time: 1hour 40mins
Average pace per km: 6:15 (see excuse in comments)!
AHR: 145bpm
MHR: 222bpm
Calories: 959

Comments: Well, what can I say - a disaster of a run but I ran the scheduled distance for the program at least and still within the "easy" pace which is supposed to be between 5:58 and 6:17 per km for me. I was to meet Jon at 8.30am at Black Pepper and run the rest of the distance with him. Just as I reached the 5km mark and the start of the lake I tripped or slipped (no idea how) in the gravel where they are doing some "improvements" to the track! Yes, I used my hands to stop the fall (a natural life preservation technique I think) but landed whammo on my chest managing to stop my face hitting the ground at least. I lay there winded for a minute and a bunch of nice ladies came up to check on my welfare. I stood up and walked slowly for a few minutes and forgot to stop Gandalf, I might add, which may account for some of the lack of speed. My knee was dripping blood, I had grazed elbows, hands and leg but all surface wounds and in a few minutes I continued on my way to meet Jon. A few odd looks were sent my way but I made the rendez-vous on time and we continued on our run after a quick detour to the next loo so that I could make myself look a little more respectable and wash some of the surplus mud and blood off me. We ran at a slow pace, it was hot and I was hurting a bit (probably the pride was wounded as much as anything) and I drank every scrap of my water. At the end we went up to the mall where we met CJ and Mr B for a drink in the coolness of the mall. Mind you that was rather a public place and I was met with a few more weird looks but gee, the coffee was good! CJ has updated my ipod with heaps of great running music. I'm looking forward to my next run on Monday to test it out.

I'm glad I fell on the last day of the year and not the first as one of ladies who stopped told me that she fell on the first day of 2005 and seven more times that year - ouch!