Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hot, dusty North Lyneham sprints

Activity: Run
Distance: 9.52km
Temperature: 32deg
Location: North Lyneham hills
AHR: 155bpm
MHR: 217bpm
Calories used: 573

Comments: Seven of us turned up for speedygeoff's North Lyneham session on another hot, dusty night. Boy, your legs change colour at those sessions - a lovely golden tan which disappears after a shower! The socks never recover their clean look and you never manage to extract all the little prickly grass seeds from them. It's so dusty out there with the roadworks and the wind. The wind must have been strong in the weekend as two trees had fallen on our track, one which required either a hurdle event or quite a detour to avoid it. We firstly ran the 3.22km warm up loop then our fearless leader decided we needed to do more warming up to return to a spot where we could run undulating sprints without tripping over branches en route. Our main session was: 20 repeats of 20secs sprints up a slight hill returning to the start jogging for 40secs. It was jolly hard work but by the 20th repeat I had nearly managed to catch the others in that last 20secs sprint - maybe another 20 might have done it?? More likely I would have required an ambulance! After the sprints we did a warm down to make it an 'almost 10km' session.
Footnote: Tomorrow's forecast is for 27deg - sounds a welcome relief!


  1. Thanks for stopping by - sounds like a tough workout. Most painful running experience I ever had was in pre-season football training running up (and down) sandunes. Luckily for me I'm still just trying to put some miles in my legs at the moment. My marathon's not until June so I'm interested to watch people's progress who are running before me or at about the same time. Cheers. Steven

  2. I would love to have some sandhills to train on here. Anyone got some "spare" sand they can accidentally leave at North Lyneham?