Monday, January 02, 2006

The ipod lives again!

Activity: Run 8am with Mr B
Distance: 8.07km
Time: 46:07
AHR: 154bpm
MHR: 204bpm
Best km: 5.29
Average pace per km: 5.43
Calories burned: 488

Comments: I decided to run in the morning before the heat hit too hard and as it was my last day before returning to work I opted to skip speedygeooff's session in the evening and make the most of my laziness and quality time with Mr B before returning to routine tomorrow. Yesterday in Belconnen, which is the area I live, the temp reached 43deg which was quite horrific. I turned on the fan full blast and in the afternoon we watched "Chocolat" on video. It was not a day for venturing outdoors.
Today reached 32deg but at 8am it wasn't too bad as it had rained overnight. I wore my newly charged ipod (thanks to cj for downloading great music onto it) and ran with Mr B for the first 4km when he took off. It was a much better run than it's been lately, possibly because it was slightly cooler or possibly because of the beat of the music which kept me going although I was prone to burst into song at inopportune moments. I really must remember to sing in my head and not be tempted to sing aloud. That would cause a few looks in the Marathon! I'm really excited about the ipod now that I have the appropriate music. It makes running much more fun. In fact today we went shopping and among my purchases (including lots of bargains such as two skirts from Jacqui E for $10 each reduced from $80 - woo hoo) I bought a Sportswrap (25% off) which should work better than my current ipod holder as the cord tucks into it. I'll try it out on Wed as tomorrow I plan to go to speedygeoff's group after work - hope it's not too hot as it's a hill session.

Below is Talia, my 3 year old grand-daughter just before and just after her 3rd birthday in August.


  1. Good luck with the training - I don't envy you having to train in that heat!

  2. Bet that kid has a good lookin' mumma

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