Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back to the Pool!
Morning Activity: Swim
Distance: 1km

Comments: Slow but oh so refreshing. Actually this morning was lovely and cool, a welcome relief after the last few days. I even had a reasonable night's sleep for a change.

Afternoon Activity: Run at 6.15pm
Distance: 13:44km
Time: 1hour 19mins 52secs (79:52)
Location: Kaleen through tunnel towards Gungahlin
AHR: 157bpm
MHR: 185bpm
Average pace per km: 5:56
Calories burned: 829

Comments: Ran with new sportswrap holding ipod but have a bit of chaffing from it so will need to use some anti-chaff stick for that problem next time. Music was great but inbetween songs I could hear my breathing - not a good sound! I started with a very sore left foot and although it felt ok while running it is really throbbing now. I have an appointment with the physio in the morning so he'll probably strap both my feet again. I used the golf ball to massage it but oh dear, it does hurt tonight. I also arrived home very hungry!

After the run I decided to lift a few weights as I was well and truly warmed up so I did 3 repeats of 10 chest press on the swiss ball and 3 repeats of10 flies. I used the bright purple 4kg weights which my son gave me for Christmas. I also received black 5kg weights but I'll work up to them! I have to start somewhere.

It only reached 27deg today and it was so pleasant, in fact it felt positively cool at times throughout the day. Tomorrow the forecast is for 25deg - even cooler. I don't even have the fan going at the moment so it looks like I may have another good night's sleep. My plan is to cycle in the morning, just a short ride to stretch my legs before my physio appointment.


  1. Jenny did my nails. Do you have to keep going back every 2 weeks?

    Are you swimming Friday morning? If so, I'll join you for a swim and brekkie.

  2. Tee hee - I've just answered all that in the comments on your blog!! Yes to Jenny and yes to brekkie!

  3. Hehe, I also hate the fact that you can hear yourself breathing (heavily) between each song - but really love the fact that (if I turn it up loud enough) I can't hear how heavily I am breathing, particularly on the hills !!

  4. Ditto Jen - I love my ipod now. I'm sure it helps me run faster!