Monday, January 09, 2006

A New Week - 13 Weeks to Ultra

Morning Activity: Swim
Distance: 1km
Location: Civic Pool

Comments: A slow swim and the water was quite cool this morning but it was refreshing. RBB has opened again after the Christmas break so I met CJ & Mr B there for my favourite muesli.

My New Shoes!

Afternoon activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Location: Parliament House
Distance: 8:06km
AHR: 156bpm
MHR: 218bpm
Fastest km: 5:02

Comments: Phew - another tough speedygeoff session at Parliament House. I wore my new Asics Gel 2110 shoes and they felt fine. I refuse to wear them at North Lyneham tomorrow in the dust though! We ran a warm-up lap then ran 4 x 800m hilly sprints on 7 minutes which should have meant we had a long rest between each loop but it seemed to go awfully fast. Then to finish off we ran the sprinters' loop of about 400m. To finish we ran a warm-down loop of Parliament House. Mr B came to the session too and cycled there after work which meant he cycled home afterwards. No way could I have done that tonight!


  1. Those shoes looked very fast yesterday! I bet Gandalf had his tongue hanging out.

    Good run around the lake too!

  2. Pictures of pretty shoes don't evoke anywhere near as many comments as pictures of CJ's blood soaked knees, hey strewth? Never mind, I still read your blog every day even if I don't always comment. (I read CJ's every day too)