Thursday, January 05, 2006

Morning Activity - Cycle 6am - The bike lets me down!
Distance: 17:01km
Time: 51 minutes (not my fault)
AHR: 115bpm
MHR: 133bpm
Max speed: 34kph
Calories burned: 310

Comment: The cycle started off really well. In fact I was pleasantly surprised when Mr B decided to jump out of bed and join me. He's not working this week and usually rolls over and goes back to sleep when I leap out of bed but this morning he actually pulled on his cycling clothes and came along for the ride so to speak! We cycled to the Gungahlin Golf Club which is the direction I often run but unfortunately on the way back (only about 5km from home fortunately) I started to feel a lot of bumps and realised my back tyre was definitely going down. I was going to walk with the bike but Mr B said I could ride slowly as long as it didn't go right down so I did and it felt like I was dragging a sack of potatoes behind me - very slow and heavy. However I made it home before the tyre went completely flat - definitely a slow leak but obviously a puncture. Damn - such a shame when I was enjoying the ride so much and we had to cut it short obviously.

Evening Activity - Run with Gandalf and ipod for company
Distance: 10.16km
Time: 58:13
Average pace per km: 5:43
Calories burned: 611
AHR: 158bpm
MHR: 188bpm
Best km: 5:29

Comments: I think I'm becoming fitter at last. I went to the physio today and he massaged my feet - boy it hurt too, showed me some more exercises (you try picking up a pen with your toes!) and strapped my feet. Tomorrow after work he will strap them for me again so that they're fresh for the 26km run on Sunday, although I do have an 8km run scheduled on Saturday before the long run. Anyway, they hurt a lot after the visit but surprisingly felt fine when I ran. They hurt again now though. I hope we can solve this problem without orthotics but it's not looking too hopeful.

My run tonight felt really good. I was pleased with the time but I was supposed to follow the 10km with 6 x 100m strides and it didn't happen. I reached the door at 10km and I was hungry and it was late so I made the 10.16km enough for tonight - yes, I'm a piker! I have to say I really find the music cj has loaded for me on my ipod has a great beat and I find I run faster to it. Hope it works for 50km!! Rest day tomorrow - woo hoo - brekkie at RBB will taste soooo good!


  1. Can we assume the 50km is the Canberra Ultramarathon. ?

    Hope you are on track with the training if that is so.

  2. Yay for becomming fitter - or at least finally feeling it. Great job.

  3. Glad to hear you're enjoying the music :-) See you Sunday!

  4. Sounds like you're getting fitter, crosstraining would be helping heaps too! :)