Monday, August 31, 2009

How can she possibly be turning 80??

It's about time I caught up with my blog. I think I'll just start from yesterday and forget the last few weeks. I'm too far behind now.
Yesterday was a fantastic adventure. I ran early (8km) instead of going to the Vets handicap today as Ewen and I decided to go for a road trip and visit LL in Mittagong for an early birthday surprise. As I leave for Noosa and the Gold Coast on Thursday, this weekend was my only opportunity to visit.
A few weeks ago I made a ladybird birthday cake for my grand-daughter and posted a picture on my blog. LL commented facetiously that she would like one of those for her 80th. Now, I thought about this and originally thought that I would make 80 cup cakes, one for every year and then I reconsidered. How would she cope with that many ladybugs, what if she didn't like them?? Thus it was that on Sat I made a mummy ladybird and lots of little babies instead. My girlfriend came over to help me decorate them and it was such fun.
After our respective runs on Sunday Ewen and I drove off to Mittagong to surprise LL. And surprise her we did. LL was in the shower when we arrived having just completed a 20km training run (she boggles my mind). Jim showed us inside to wait and this gave us an opportunity to set up the cake, cards and wee gifts in the kitchen for when she emerged. It was a wonderful reaction and we had such a lovely afternoon enjoying a cuppa, a ladybug each and a tour of her pretty garden. We also met their three beautiful little dogs. What a pretty location and what a great place to run. How can this lovely lady be turning 80? She is such an inspiration and a treasure. We just love her.
And as for running, today I went to training at Parliament House to join the speedygeese in about 14 x 200m sprints in relay teams of three - challenging, tough, exhausting but fun! Is that possible?
Total distance: 7km
Calories burned: 390

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spring is springing!

This morning as the sun was shining I decided to dust down the bike and go for a ride. It's been a very long time! The sun was deceptive as it was bitterly cold and I fought against a head wind on the outward trip. The return trip was much more pleasant as, apart from the fact that the wind had dropped, I had warmed up considerably and my legs were starting to work. However, I had forgotten the discomfort of a bike seat - ouch! I will get back to cycling as the weather warms up as it is a quite pleasant form of exercise and is good cross training. Today I only rode 10km but it's a start!
5.30pm - Parliament House training
This evening after the warm up loops our main session was 8x400m with 400m jogs on a 600m course. It was tough but the pain was completely alleviated when we celebrated Helen's pending 50th birthday with champagne and dip - very civilized! Thank you Helen.
Total distance: 8.64km
Today - Tuesday
6.15am - Gym - upper body strength and abs exercises
5.30pm - I ran from home. It had been an absolutely glorious day with little wind but at this time it had cooled down somewhat and I needed a long sleeved top. However, it was still an enjoyable run. As I ran along listening to my music I was shaken from my 'stride' when a lady cycled up beside me and said, "excuse me, can I ask you something? I noticed your strides are much shorter than mine. When I run I get sore joints." I asked if I looked funny - after all, I've been told I look like I'm 'running in a bucket' and I know my style is less than ordinary.
"Oh no" she replied. "I thought to myself that this woman looks like she knows what she's doing so I thought I would ask about the short strides."
"Ah", I said "Our coach says that short strides are more efficient."
"Thank you so much. I will defnitely try that next time. I appreciate your help!"
Wow, thank YOU speedycoach, you have taught me something which I could pass on to someone else.
I continued on my way feeling quite motivated and happy to finish my run in the dark.
Total distance: 8km
Time taken: 49mins
Average pace per km: 6.18
Calories burned: 467

Saturday, August 15, 2009

38 years on!

Hmmm - dreadful fashions back then! However, here we are 38 years on and so much has happened in the interim!
Last night we went out for a lovely dinner and came home to watch old black and white videos of Route 66! This morning I went for a long slow dodgy run - tight hammies, sore quads and dodgy tummy (probably too much wine and rich food) - not the best way to run but it was a stunning day - sunny but breezy.
Total distance: 16.29km
Time taken: 1:46:59
Average pace per km: 6:34
Calories burned: 970
A very slow time but at least I didn't waste the sunshine!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Short and Sharp!

Tonight's speedygeese session was a mix of 100m and 50m sprints in relay teams. After our warm up loops we were divided into four relay teams. We were evenly matched in terms of gender, being six guys and six girls, but we were obviously mixed up in terms of speed. Marg and I ran as one person splitting our 100m into 50m each as speedychief supervised the relays which meant an uneven number otherwise. Thus it was that in the first ten 100m sprints Marg and I ran 10 x 50m. This was followed by a reshuffle of teams where we were next divided into two teams and everybody ran 10 x 50m sprints - short, sharp, challenging but fun. Afterwards however the hammies twinged and I knew I had really worked!
Total distance including warm up and cool down: 7km

City to Surf - Slow but Fun!

Golly gosh, it's a week since I last blogged - oops, where do the days go? On Saturday CJ and I caught the Murrays bus to Sydney Central where we were met by Mr B (who had driven to Newcastle a few days earlier to try out his wetsuit in the sea) for the start of a great weekend. As our daughters live in Sydney we managed to spend some time with them as well as some Canberra friends before and after the run. It was a great day for the C2S - rather chilly to start but ideal really - just very crowded with 75,000 starters. I felt very comfortable even running up the hills (although Ewen did comment that was because I was running so slowly - quite true) and enjoyed the atmosphere. This was one of my slowest results for C2S, proably due to lack of training and excess kilos, six minutes slower than last year. However, it was fun and I was just happy that I ran it. CJ, who has an injury, walked briskly and we all had a fun weekend. It was amazing too that we came across quite a few Canberra friends in such a big crowd. The evening before we had met up with a couple of friends and as we were deciding where to eat we were suddenly bombarded by a large crowd of running friends including a number of speedygeese - it was such fun seeing them there!
I think my happiest moment was when my daughter (who is not a runner) managed to run almost the entire 14km without stopping in a time of 89mins. She trains in the gym doing RPM classes and has never run more than 5km in her life! It was a great achievement for her and made me feel very proud.
CJ, Mr B and I had rooms in the Hilton Hotel where we had a special deal - two nights for one - and it was just amazing. The shower even had a television on the wall - aquavision! The hotel also had a huge gym and on the Monday morning before a delicious breakfast CJ and I did an hour's workout. We had a luxurious and fun weekend.
Distance: 14km
Time taken: 86:07
Average pace per km: 6:07
Calories burned: 813
Yesterday was my son's 32nd birthday - eek, now that makes me feel really old. Steak and kidney pie was the request for the family dinner at our place. We are the only family I know who all love steak and kidney (apart from our vegetarian daughter-in-law)!
In the morning before work I went to the gym for my RPM class followed by the abs class - always a good way to start the day!
I'll start my diet (again) this weekend!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Yesterday was my grand-daughter's seventh birthday - how the years fly! I squeezed in a short run after work before joining in the family celebrations. The conditions were ideal, cool but no wind and I made it home just before dark!

Total distance: 8km
Time taken: 48:19:64
Average pace per km: 6:04 (almost down to 6 Ewen)
Calories burned: 470

This afternoon I have been making ladybugs - a mummy and lots of little babies for Talia's birthday party. It was lots of fun but as I was in the throes when it was time for training I missed it tonight. Looks like I may have to go for an early run before work tomorrow - a last hit out before City to Surf on Sunday.

It was a gorgeous sunny day today - maybe, just maybe, the coldest days are over but I won't hold my breath. Anything can happen in Canberra!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Bring on the Warmer Weather!

Tonight at Parliament House I ran just a little warm-up, meeting up with five other early geese on their return run just by the lake. Our main session consisted of the usual warm up laps before a similar session to last week in the same spot, except tonight it was 5 x 600 repeats as fast as possible with jogs back to the start each time. I managed 4 repeats before the warm down loop.
Total distance: 11.2km
Calories burned: 662
It was good to see Cathy M and Ewen for the first time since I returned from the States except Ewen didn't stay for the main session having already run 8km with speedychief earlier. Quite a number of speedygeese are heading for the City to Surf in Sydney this weekend. It will be fun even if I am totally unprepared this year.
I am so looking forward to the warmer weather. I am so over the cold and I've only been back in Canberra three weeks.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunshine and Great Friends!

With a very full weekend ahead I squeezed in a longish run early Saturday morning before reuniting with a friend we hadn't seen for more than 22 years. I just ran my usual route from home and round the lake. The sun was out early and although there was a bite in the air with a cold headwind in parts I still warmed up enough to run in singlet and short (and gloves!) for the majority of the run.
Total distance: 16.54km
Time taken: 1:48:32
Average pace per km: 6:34
Calories burned: 982
Obviously I'm not getting any faster and I used up those calories on a very full-on weekend - too much food, wine and loads of fun!