Thursday, August 13, 2009

City to Surf - Slow but Fun!

Golly gosh, it's a week since I last blogged - oops, where do the days go? On Saturday CJ and I caught the Murrays bus to Sydney Central where we were met by Mr B (who had driven to Newcastle a few days earlier to try out his wetsuit in the sea) for the start of a great weekend. As our daughters live in Sydney we managed to spend some time with them as well as some Canberra friends before and after the run. It was a great day for the C2S - rather chilly to start but ideal really - just very crowded with 75,000 starters. I felt very comfortable even running up the hills (although Ewen did comment that was because I was running so slowly - quite true) and enjoyed the atmosphere. This was one of my slowest results for C2S, proably due to lack of training and excess kilos, six minutes slower than last year. However, it was fun and I was just happy that I ran it. CJ, who has an injury, walked briskly and we all had a fun weekend. It was amazing too that we came across quite a few Canberra friends in such a big crowd. The evening before we had met up with a couple of friends and as we were deciding where to eat we were suddenly bombarded by a large crowd of running friends including a number of speedygeese - it was such fun seeing them there!
I think my happiest moment was when my daughter (who is not a runner) managed to run almost the entire 14km without stopping in a time of 89mins. She trains in the gym doing RPM classes and has never run more than 5km in her life! It was a great achievement for her and made me feel very proud.
CJ, Mr B and I had rooms in the Hilton Hotel where we had a special deal - two nights for one - and it was just amazing. The shower even had a television on the wall - aquavision! The hotel also had a huge gym and on the Monday morning before a delicious breakfast CJ and I did an hour's workout. We had a luxurious and fun weekend.
Distance: 14km
Time taken: 86:07
Average pace per km: 6:07
Calories burned: 813
Yesterday was my son's 32nd birthday - eek, now that makes me feel really old. Steak and kidney pie was the request for the family dinner at our place. We are the only family I know who all love steak and kidney (apart from our vegetarian daughter-in-law)!
In the morning before work I went to the gym for my RPM class followed by the abs class - always a good way to start the day!
I'll start my diet (again) this weekend!

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  1. Me too. I can remember my 30th birthday like it was yesterday!

    And I didn't say you were running slowly! I just said you were "glowing" rather than "perspiring" while running up that hill.