Thursday, August 06, 2009


Yesterday was my grand-daughter's seventh birthday - how the years fly! I squeezed in a short run after work before joining in the family celebrations. The conditions were ideal, cool but no wind and I made it home just before dark!

Total distance: 8km
Time taken: 48:19:64
Average pace per km: 6:04 (almost down to 6 Ewen)
Calories burned: 470

This afternoon I have been making ladybugs - a mummy and lots of little babies for Talia's birthday party. It was lots of fun but as I was in the throes when it was time for training I missed it tonight. Looks like I may have to go for an early run before work tomorrow - a last hit out before City to Surf on Sunday.

It was a gorgeous sunny day today - maybe, just maybe, the coldest days are over but I won't hold my breath. Anything can happen in Canberra!


  1. What a great cake! I want one for my birthday, though I suspect it might test Rommel's skills somewhat ;-)

    Unfortunately I won't be able to catch up with you this weekend. I am not coming to the City to Surf - too much wedding related stuff to do. Good luck !!

  2. "Anything" happened this afternoon... it was bloody freezing!

    Awesomely awesome cake. You're clever. And fast now too - almost 6 minute ks. Woohoo!

    See you Sunday.

  3. Happy birthday to your grandaughter! What a beautiful cake ... without having a day off from running.

  4. I want one too...for my 80th birthday next month!!

    So it's not just running you're good at?