Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunshine and Great Friends!

With a very full weekend ahead I squeezed in a longish run early Saturday morning before reuniting with a friend we hadn't seen for more than 22 years. I just ran my usual route from home and round the lake. The sun was out early and although there was a bite in the air with a cold headwind in parts I still warmed up enough to run in singlet and short (and gloves!) for the majority of the run.
Total distance: 16.54km
Time taken: 1:48:32
Average pace per km: 6:34
Calories burned: 982
Obviously I'm not getting any faster and I used up those calories on a very full-on weekend - too much food, wine and loads of fun!


  1. It was a nice day, but a tad windy!

    Hurry up and get that km rate down to 6:00!

  2. Food, wine & fun! The good things in life, Strewth....seems like you have them all!

    Good to see the holiday lethargy is wearing off...always seems to be part of the return to 'normal' routine after being overseas. But wasn't it worth it!

    How bossy is that Ewen!