Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cross Country Run - another hot one!

Activity: Run
Distance: 5.11km (according to Gandalf)
Time: 26:31
Average pace per km: 5:09
Calories: 320
Temperature: 31deg
Best km: 4:41
Laps as below:

1st km
4:41 1.00
2nd km
4:51 1.00
3rd km
5:19 1.00
4th km
5:24 1.00
5th km
5:43 1.00

Comments: This would be considered the opposite to a negative split! I started too fast and each km became slower! I ran the first 3km with Mr B but after the turnaround I could no longer keep up that pace unfortunately. However, I still beat last week's run by almost a minute and although it was very hot again I coped better today. After the race Mr B and I jogged a gentle 2km warm-down. This was shorter than the scheduled plan today but felt justified cos both yesterday and today were hard sessions. It was good to see so many familiar faces out there. It's always a great opportunity to catch up with running friends.

Monday, February 27, 2006

This is a great photo of M carrying the Queen's baton which I found on the website. She was very excited as you can see!

Six Weeks to Go!

Activity: Swim 6.45am
Distance: 1km

A slow relaxing swim with a lane all to myself. I couldn't believe my luck! It was great.

Activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Location: Parliament House
Distance: 12km

Comments: Having missed a couple of speedygeoff's sessions I was a tad worried about tonight. However, it turned out to be a good session which I actually enjoyed in spite of myself. Marg and Caroline were both there which was a bonus. We had a warm up loop then we ran 8 x 80secs as fast as possible every 4 minutes through the winding paths trying to keep in the shade. We had to try to run a little further each 80secs and I managed to do my best distance in the last 80secs and felt quite good. Afterwards we ran another warm down back to the start. At that stage we stopped and stretched and Ewen, Caroline and I went for a very gentle 3km extra warm down to make up the distance to 12km.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Running, Exploring and Supporting a Star!

Activity: Run 9.30am
Distance: 8.2km including 6.07km run plus 6 x 100m strides and warm-down of 2.2km
Time for 6.07km: 33:35
Average pace per km: 5:33
Calories: 362
Fastest km: 5:29

Total km for "easy week" = 62.65km

Comments: I just slept and slept and although I woke early (internal alarm) I just rolled over and went back to sleep because I knew I only had a short run this morning as I ran my long run yesterday - yippee. Although the temperature was quite hot when I ran it was worth the sleep-in. After the 6km I ran 6 x 100m strides (sprints) as fast as I could and then ran slowly home. I missed brekkie as I had planned to go out for lunch in Gundaroo with a friend so grabbed a banana to keep me going. It was a lovely day exploring places I hadn't really seen before - Sutton, Gunning, Gundaroo and Collector - all little country towns which needed investigating.

Saturday - An interesting Run and exciting day!

Activity: Run 7am
Distance: 20.04km
Time: 1hr 57mins
Average pace per km: 5:52
Fastest km: 5:11
Calories: 1195

Comments: That's the longest run for my orthotics so far and they felt ok after the initial twinges. I met up with M at the yacht club and we ran the full course of the lake. He is such an interesting man and such an inspiration. M is 71 on Anzac Day, is Italian born and emigrated to Canberra in 1959. He married an Italian lady in 1962 who he met at English speaking classes. They've lived in the same house in Turner since 1966 and were recently offered a million dollars for it. He's not selling though but wants to leave it to his children. He still works full-time contracted as a concreter and as we ran he pointed out gutters and paths that he had built in the 70s and were still perfect without any cracking. M is deaf in his right ear so I ran on his left side so he could hear me. I found his story so interesting as all things Italian fascinate me. I didn't notice that we were running at a reasonable pace so was pretty happy when we picked up speed for the last km and ran it in 5:11. Hope I can run that comfortably in the Weston Creek Half in a couple of weeks with a faster overall average pace though. I won't be chatting in the race though - that should help the speed! It was an enjoyable run and afterwards I met up with CJ, Mr CJ, Mr B and Jon at Black Pepper - lovely.

Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay
As MM from the Vets Athletics was running in the Queen's Baton Relay I went out to support her. It was so exciting and such an endorphin rush to be a part of it. She was over the moon and looked the part in her Commonwealth Games uniform. RJ & wife and grandchildren were there and lots of MM's family (including her twin pictured below) from different parts of Aussie came over to watch too. Later we went to Garema Place to see the happenings there. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

Activity: Swim
Distance: 800m
Comments: A gentle swim followed by brekkie with CJ and Mr B - nice start to a rest day from running!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A 'bits and pieces' run!

Activity: Fartlek Run at 5.40am
Distance: 12km
Fastest km: 5:25

Comments: Now, why is it when I decide to run Yasso 800s that it never works out for me. It just doesn't happen! Today I ran to the oval, measured it out carefully for 400m avoiding the soggy bits and started out just as the sprinklers started up - no wonder the grass was soggy! So I trotted over to the neighbouring oval and just as I completed 400m on came the sprinklers there - they were following me! Damn! I tried to measure the distance on the cycle track but it was hopeless cos I had to keep checking the time which was not only distracting but very inaccurate. Although Gandalf had been set up in advanced workout, because I stopped him several times, I ruined the whole workout. Feeling frustrated I gave up and ran about 6 x 30secs fast instead, not very successfully I might add. I arrived home, added up all the bits, discovered I was 3km short so set off for another 3km so that I could record 12km. Of course there's seven different starts on Gandalf and I have no idea what my average time per km ended up as there were too many bits and pieces altogether but I know I ran the last 3km comfortably.

Today I had an optometrist appointment and my eyes haven't deteriorated in 4 years which is pretty good. I also visited the physio who has heated up my orthotics and moulded them a bit more so I hope Sat's run will be ok. Tomorrow morning I'm swimming so hope I don't drown after a week's break, then it's brekkie with CJ and Mr B - lovely. I have a rest day from running and a sports massage at lunch time - can't wait!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Summer Series continues in the Heat!

Activity: Run with the Cross Country Club
Distance: 7km
Time: 39mins
Average pace per km: 5:35
Fastest km: 5:02
Calories: 413

Comments: I didn't have a very good start to this run. I dropped my glasses during the day and had them taped together until my optometrist appointment on Thursday. It took me more than 40mins to reach the lake as I detoured to collect Mr B after work and then we were caught in the traffic so we cut the start very fine and I felt rushed. It was 31deg and I was suffering with dehydration and tiredness. I did not enjoy the run even though it was on home territory. It was an out and back course at Lake Ginninderra as part of the cycle track had been cut off because of construction happening. I don't know what happened to me as usually I enjoy the lake run. I wore my orthotics for the second time and although they felt ok, after the first km everything was hurting. I was seriously thirsty and hanging out for water at the end. It was good to see JD back on board after turning his ankle a couple of runs ago. He ran the whole course and was not suffering so that was great. CJ and Mr B had fantastic times as did Aki and speedygeoff. I think I must have been the only one affected by the heat. Maybe I just had a bad day! The evening improved however as after the run we detoured home for a quick shower and change and went to the yacht club where we joined the Vets' Athletics Club for a fish and chips dinner. It was a good turn out and the food was delicious. I hadn't realised I was so hungry.

An Early Start on Wednesday

Activity: Run at 5.30am
Calories: 996
Distance: 15.51km
Time: 1hour 35mins
Average pace per km: 6:09

It was quite a pleasant morning early, not too hot! I ran with my ipod and enjoyed the music and felt comfortable on the run until the last few kms when my left heel started to hurt again. I have made an extra appointment with the physio tomorrow to adjust the orthotic but still have to run 12km tomorrow morning so hope it's ok. We're looking after our little grand-daughter, Talia, tomorrow evening so don't want to lose a minute of that time after work. My pace was a bit slow but apart from the niggles in my foot I felt ok.

Yoga 5.45pm
It seriously just keeps getting better. No matter how tired I feel and believe me today I felt tired, yoga never fails to help me feel fantastic. Yes, some of the stretches really hurt and yes, I find the shoulder stand a challenge but that last 10-15mins when we totally relax completely makes up for any discomfort during the session and I know those stretches are very good for me. I always walk out of there with a smile on my face, feeling relaxed and the world seems a better place.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Vets Handicap Race on a Hot Sunday

Total km for week: 94.11km

Activity: Run 8.30am
Location: North Curtin
Distance: 6.56km
Time: 36:48
Average pace per km: 5:36
Fastest km: 4:58
Calories: 389

Comments: I wore my orthotics from the physio for the first time and after the first weird feeling wore off they actually felt ok which surprised me somewhat as they felt really uncomfortable when I tried them out when they were being fitted and I was quite worried about this event. As it turned out it wasn't too bad at all in spite of the long run yesterday and the heat this morning. The run started on the oval and then turned up a seemingly endless hill which twisted and turned and went up and up for about 3km. It was tough. Then suddenly, oh joy, we turned a bend and started running downhill and then on to a cycle path. Wow, that was a great feeling after the tough start. I ran from Group 15 and came in 42nd. There were well over 100 in the longer event so that wasn't too bad as long as I don't compare it to Mr B who ran from Group 25 and came in 20th or with speedygeoff who won the bronze medal from Group 29. How good was that!

After the race I ran a slow 2km warm down with Maria for part of the way and Mr B. We stayed around a little while for the presentations and a chat then had to rush home for a shower before going to my daughter and her partner for a yummy brunch and swim in their pool - heaven indeed. Later we went home to cook a bbq for the rest of the family who have just left. It was such a lovely evening for sitting outside until the sun went down - a lovely family afternoon and evening. And now I'm really tired so have decided not to swim in the morning but grab an extra hour's sleep and have a complete rest day as is scheduled for the start of my easy week.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Pleasant Long Run with Great Company

Activity: Run at 7am
Distance: 35.40km
Time: 3hours 37mins 49secs!
Average pace per km: 6:09
Fastest km: 5:35
Calories burned: 2147

Comments: Set the alarm for 4.45am to allow plenty of time for appropriate preparation for the long run and for my tummy to settle after the toast and honey. Met up with FlashDuck just before 7am and FS about 5mins later. The forecast was for a hot day but at that time it's really pleasant and we had a good start. For once I felt fresh after a good sleep and felt comfortable chatting and running at a far better pace than last week. FD ran with us for about 12km and we saw quite of lot of people we knew out there running including what appeared to be a Half Marathon training group in its vast numbers.

The lake was beautiful. I always think we are so lucky running in Canberra as we have such pretty places to look at on the way. There were lots of kayakers and rowers on the water and lots of ducks and swans as well and in the sky there were a number of hot air balloons making it all quite pictuesque and peaceful as we pounded the cycle paths. FD sent us on our way at hospital hill as unfortunately she had to stop and managed to walk back to her car at the yacht club where we would meet her later. JS and I ran on through the wetlands, to Kingston Foreshore where we turned and ran back to Dairy Flat Road and turned right there this time and went on about 1.5km further to the underpass at Fyshwick where we turned again and returned to the yacht club. At this stage Mr B joined us on his bike and kept us going for the last 9km with comments such as "pick up the pace a little now, hmmm just a little quicker, not bad - you're doing well" or words to that effect. There was a moment when we reached the bridge where I had to stop in the shade and sit for a moment. I think the heat was starting to affect me as well as intense thirst. Although I refilled my drink bottles three times I just could not seem to quench my thirst. However, we only rested a minute and that was enough to revive me. After that we managed our fastest km at the 33km mark of 5:35 so the little rest helped. It was a much better run than last week and I felt quite strong and comfortable for those last few kms where we had to pick up pace to meet the program's goals.

We met up with FD at the yacht club and JS and I paddled in the lake. I have a definite love/hate relationship with that lake. Today I just loved it so much. The cooling soothing affect on tired legs and feet is absolute bliss!

Once dried and refreshed we all set off for Kingston Grind where we consumed a delicious brunch of scrambled eggs with spinach and fetta on Italian toast - believe me it was divine. Later still Mr B and I went market shopping and ate a large gelati (maybe I thought I was still in Italy) - it was soooooo good!

Yes, it was a good day - great company this morning and a pleasant afternoon with a nail appointment (trouble staying awake there though) and shopping done.

Back to yesterday - Friday

Activity: Run
Distance: 13.89km
Calories burned: 902

Today I had planned to complete 5 x Yasso 800s. However, something went wrong with my planning. CJ had set Gandalf for an advanced workout for me but I made the mistake of assuming the oval I found was 400m and of course twice round it would be 800m. Actually it probably was in fact 400m but overnight it had rained heavily and the grass was very very soggy and I took little shortcuts trying to avoid sinking into the mire. Hmmmm, when I checked Gandalf later it informed me that I had run 5 x 750m at 3.58 pace with 3.58 jogs between - not the intention at all. It was supposed to be 5 x 800m at 3.58 pace. I ran 5km to the oval and ran home after the workout but I was a bit disappointed in myself as the time of course was much slower than intended. I should have checked the distance more carefully - next time??

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Aquathlon #3 - Just beating the storm

Distance: 300m swim; 2.5km run

Locality: The Boat House - Mennindee Drive
Time: 22:11 (TBC)

Comments: I was in the last wave tonight which started 20mins after the first wave in which Aki and Flashduck were competing as a team in the longer course. At least it gave me plenty of time to pysche myself up and to chat to lots of people I hadn't seen for a while including Anne Marie from the Vets who is back running after being injured. It was good to catch up and she and Pam will return for the last aqua in a couple of weeks. I also caught up with Sue (a Vet in my age group who's a very fast runner who fortunately competed in the long course).

By the time my wave was due to start (the old people were sent off last) the wind had picked up, a storm was brewing and the lake had been transformed from a millpond to rather rippling undulating waves. It wasn't too bad but it was certainly difficult to sight the buoys or the finish line. A young man had to stand out near the finish to guide swimmers in the right direction towards the finish of the swim leg. The run leg was over rather quickly. I was just starting to get into my stride but because the clouds were very threatening and thunder was rumbling in the background I decided to wait for the barrel draws and not go for another run after the race. As it turned out that was a good decision as I won a bag of biscuits in the barrel draw. How exciting. Of course that meant I had to sample them on the way home - not so good!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Far too early for civilized people!

Activity: Run at 5.30am
Distance: 20.64km
Time: 2hours 7mins 18secs
Average pace per km: 6:11
Best km: 5:02
Calories burned: 1277

Comments: Oh boy - the alarm went off at 4.45am and I took a leaf out of CJ's book and ate a piece of toast and honey before the long run. I took my ipod with me and gee it does make such a difference when running for that distance alone early in the morning. I ran down to the lake and it was quite busy with walkers, cyclists and runners. Most people respond to "g'day" but there's the occasional very focussed runner or cyclist who looks straight ahead and doesn't hear you. One man was running up and down the bank next to the steps under the bridge, obviously practising his hill repeats! It's a very peaceful time of day and once the first 5km were out of the way it wasn't too bad a run in spite of the 13km we ran last night. Of course by the time I arrived home, showered, made myself a yummy power shake (recipe courtesy of CJ - wow, it's so yummy), packed my yoga bag and dressed for work I didn't leave home until 8.45am - a late start but although I felt tired for the first hour or so I perked up and felt ready for yoga in the evening.

Evening activity: Yoga

Comments: Lots and lots of stretches - they hurt but gee I know they do me good. We started back on our shoulder stands again. I like our new teacher and I just love the last ten minutes when we lie there in blissful stillness blocking out the world.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Improvement at last!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Activity: Cross Country Race
Distance: 5.11km
Time: 27:28
Pace per km: 5:23
Best km: 4:42 (woo hoo)
Place: 116th out of about 145
39th woman out of 60

Distance for warm-down: 8.01km easy - recovery
Time: 50:42
Pace per km: 6:20

Comments: Although my calf muscles felt tight and a bit like cramping I ran much better today, probably because I didn't do that tough hill session last night. I did have a bit of pain in my right ankle so will need to work on strengthening it. Most of the course was flat and good but the start was on uneven grassy surface and the course started and finished on a grassy uneven hill which wasn't nice! At about the 2km mark the ducky flashed past with her stunning new hairdo, looking fresh and fit. I saw lots of familiar faces and after a quick catch-up with friends after the race Mr B and I took off for an 8km warm-down, at least I ran the 8km but Mr B found 6km quite enough! He did after all complete the race in 23mins which is a considerably faster time than me.
Later we went home and ate a yummy dinner of pate, very tender steak, prawns, avocado, baked spuds, extra good salad, fresh pineapple, nice wine and then we ate far too much Turkish Delight choccie - oh dear, tomorrow I will diet! Now to bed as I have to run 20km early in the morning. Unfortunately I can't run it after work as I have yoga - yawn!!

Monday - A Rest from Running!
Activity: Swim
Distance: 1km
Time: 28mins

Yes, all I did today was a recovery swim after the long run yesterday. It felt comfortable but the pool was very busy and every unbooked lane had several people in it. I had to battle against backstrokers and breaststrokers who managed to make it quite difficult to pass as they spread over the width of the lane - a bit frustrating but I still enjoyed the swim and the brekkie with Mr B and CJ later of course.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Saturday - Triathlon #4 - Swimming with a Water Rat!

Swim: 300m
Cycle: 8km
Run: 2km
Time: 38:54 (on my watch - to be confirmed on website)

Comments: It was a bit different from the last triathlon where the lake was choppy and there was a storm brewing. Today the weather and conditions were perfect. The lake was calm and the sun was lovely, not too hot but really pleasant. The triathlon was held at 3pm at the Acton Ferry Terminal, probably my least favourite venue, but as it turned out it was a good experience. I did have a bit of a bad start as while I was testing the water just before my wave left I slipped on a pipe in the water and cut my toe. I could feel it sting as I swam and when I was in transition I looked down to see the blood dripping from it as I pulled on my shoes. However, the most eventful part of the start of the swim was the sight of some creature swimming rapidly past just as Mr B and JS were about to start their wave. There was a bit of a rumble amongst everybody watching as we realised, "no, this is not a little dog or a large lizard, this is most definitely a water rat". We watched in horror hoping it wouldn't change direction and come back to our start but it was moving like one possessed probably in terror of all these strange bodies invading its territory! The general feeling was "please don't let there be any more of those creatures near us when our heads go under that water". However, once the whistle blew and we started swimming concentration took over and I soon forgot about water rats, human rats were the immediate worry!
I didn't have too much trouble finding my bike this time as:
a) I had tied a bright orange towel on the pole near my bike, and
b) there were very few bikes left racked as I was in the last swim wave to start so there weren't too many people left in the water!
The cycle was pretty good. There was a fair bit of traffic about at that time of day and I was a bit cautious. My average speed was 26.9kph and my maximum speed was 39kph.
The run course was through the tunnel and up and over hospital hill right down the other side then back up again. It's a tough little course for a triathlon leg but I didn't mind it too much as I run that quite often when I run round Lake Burley Griffin and actually felt quite comfortable. I managed the 2km run leg in 10mins so was happy with that and felt quite strong. JS and Mr B both did really well. Now we'll look forward to seeing the official results. Later we bought a yummy vege burger. We were surprisingly tired in the evening. We had been planning to go to the multicultural festival in Civic but bed was a more inviting alternative as I knew it was a very early start for the long run next morning.
Sunday's Long Slow Run
Activity: Run
Distance: 33:13km
Time: 3hours 30mins 57secs
Average pace per km: 6:22
Calories burned: 2025
Total distance this week: 90km
I woke very tired and it was difficult to get going. I set the first alarm for 4.45am, had two pieces of toast and honey, then went back to bed and re-set the alarm for 5.45am! I met JS at the yacht club at 6.30am and after getting ourselves organised we didn't actually start running until 6.45am. Actually, we both felt tired. In fact my legs were really struggling for the first 13km. We ran at a really really slow pace per km of 6.35 so we decided to stop talking so much after that and concentrate on improving our pace. We ran past Molonglo Reach and on through the Jerrabomberra Wetlands up to the start of Kingston Foreshore. Here we turned round and ran back the way we had come. The second half was much better than the first half. Our legs finally started to work and the pace improved a lot although we are going to have to work on speed for these long runs. They are definitely too slow if we want to achieve our goals in the Marathon. However, we did do the distance. Later we went for a soothing paddle in the lake at the yacht club where we met up with Jon and Mr B and drove to Beess Cafe at Yarralumla for a much appreciated brekkie and coffee.
After a short sleep at home, Mr B and I went to the fruit and vegie markets then on to our daughter and her boyfriend's for a paddle in their pool and pizza and icecream - definitely a healthy diet this weekend!
I must mention that on Friday, my rest day, I had the best sports massage ever. It was sooo good. Yes, I felt spots I never knew existed and wasn't aware they were painful or tight but soon discovered they were! I have booked a sports massage every two weeks until after the marathon. I have never done this before but it is recommended in the program and I'm more than happy to follow that idea.
I don't think I'll run in speedygeoff's group tomorrow night. My body is tired and I think the swim in the morning is about all I can manage. Instead I will run my 12km on Friday this week. If I run a long run on Sundays it's too difficult to run a tough session on Mondays. If I run the long run on Saturdays I can manage that session better.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Battling a Head Wind!

Activity: Run
Distance: 13.12km
Locality: Lake Burley Griffin from work
Pace per km: 5:51
Calories: approx 800

Comments: Had a bit of trouble with Gandalf at start and didn't manage to start him until I had run more than a km. However after approx 4km I attempted to run 4 x 800 yassos which means I tried to run them in 3:58 with the same length of time jogging between each 800. Now, I was battling a strong head wind and I couldn't figure out how to set the laps so I will read the instruction booklet more carefully and try again when I'm not rushing after work. The first 800m was pretty close to accurate but I forgot to stop the next one at 800m so it was about 825m in 4:01 which is not what I was aiming to do. The next two were about that time too so I will definitely have to find a set 800m distance and run that in the required time. Next week I will be more organised and try for five. Maybe I should follow Lucky Legs' example and go to the AIS track for those sessions! It was very difficult battling the elements and I had to make a mad dash to the loo on the return trip. At least the weather wasn't too hot tonight, just plain windy!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Long Live Yoga!

Morning activity: Run
Distance: 16.39km (not quite the scheduled 18km!)
Location: To and round Lake G
Time taken: 1hr 41mins 52secs
Average pace per km: 6:13
Calories burned: 1004

Comments: A tad slow and a tad tired this morning and left it a little late to complete the 18km. As it was I didn't arrive at work until 9.15am which is about 45mins later than usual! I started driving half an hour before and it normally takes 15mins to reach the office so obviously that was a bad time to drive. The traffic was really really slow. I did leave the house for my run at 5.30am on the dot having set the alarm for 4.50am but I took too long in the shower after the run. I kept dozing off!! I went to work without brekkie so grabbed a yoghurt and banana to eat in the office. I can see I'll have to rise even earlier next Wed as there's a 20km run scheduled that morning!

Evening activity: Yoga - aaaaaaah bliss

Comments: Yes, yoga has resumed. I have a male teacher this time and he is really good at explaining everything and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. During the relaxation at the end he told us all to block our minds from thoughts and focus towards sleep - big mistake in my case. I heard this funny heavy breathing and suddenly realised it was me dozing off and I had to focus on staying awake then in case I snored! Gee, I enjoyed being back at yoga again and I'm quite sure the stretches will help me as I don't do nearly enough stretching for my running.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Caution - tree roots and pot holes!

I did forget to add that our hill sprints yesterday included 3 push-ups after the first hill run-up in each lap - hmmm!

Tonight was the Tuesday Cross Country run in much more manageable weather.

Activity: Cross country run and warm down run
Distance: 12.62km (including 5.30km for cross country event)
Time: 28:56 for cross country run; 1hour 16mins 34seconds for 12.62km
Best km: 5:06
Average pace per km for 12.62km: 5:58 (forgot to clear Garmin at end of race)
Average pace per km for 5.30km race (now on website): 5:28
Calories: 928
Location: Eddison Park - Phillip

Comments: It was a real cross country two lap course over grassy uneven surface with tree roots, pot holes and branches everywhere. Unfortunately my running buddy Jon tripped and turned his ankle badly. I stopped to check on him but he told me to keep going. I did call out for help at the end of the first lap but he did manage to limp to the start where he was given medical advice. He managed to drive home and perform RICE but his ankle swelled up a lot so he may be out of running for a few days at least. After seeing Jon fall I must admit I did run with some caution over all those tree roots so probably could have gone a little faster. Gandalf had a flat battery which has never happened before but Flashduck had two devices with her and lent me her spare Garmin which was wonderful as I could still record my distance and time. After the event FD ran with me for a further 7km to make up the distance for my program. It was lovely to have the company and as she runs at a better pace than me it kept me honest and I still felt comfortable. I really enjoyed that part of the run.
Now, however, I am very very tired so I do hope I can rise early enough to run the planned 18km in the morning. Yoga resumes tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to it, as long as I can stay awake!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Countdown - 9 weeks to go - halfway through training

Morning activity: Swim
Distance: only 800m
Location: Civic Pool

Comments: I was running very late and could only fit in 20mins swimming before dashing off to meet CJ and Mr B for brekkie - an important start to the week. The water felt quite cool this morning but could have been related to the warm climate outside.

Activity: speedygeoff's training group
Location: Parliament House
Distance: 12km including gentle warm down
Temperature: approx 32deg

Comments: It was another hot day and another hill sprint session, this time we ran 5 x 700m hill repeats with a couple of pretty tough hills included. Legs felt very heavy and slow. The actual session was just over 7km and afterwards speedygeoff, PRB and Ewen ran with me for a further very gentle 5km to make up the 12km distance on my schedule. We ran down to the lake in a similar run to last Monday. We ran very slowly as I felt seriously tired but it was good company.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Long Run in Cooler Weather

Activity: Run 6.45am
Distance: 30.01km
Time taken: 3hours 9mins 24secs
Average pace per km: 6:19
Calories burned: 1833
Fastest km: 5:47
Temperature: About 25deg - much better

Comments: Met up with John (JS) at the yacht club and ran past the ferry terminal (loo break) where we picked up Jon and continued on past The Boathouse Restaurant and Molonglo Reach (another loo break) and on past Dairy Flat Road before we turned at about the 22km mark and returned over Kings Ave Bridge and back to the yacht club. Mr B couldn't join us on his bike today as he was playing squash all morning. Jon ran 14km with us and JS ran the entire distance with me. His intention is to keep me going at the Ultra and run the 50km with me. That will be great providing - (a) we can finish it comfortably or (b) we can finish the Marathon in 4 hours (not looking too promising right now but we'll work on it) and finish the Ultra with a smile on the dial! After the run we all paddled in that welcoming lake water. Gosh I love that lake after long runs. It is absolutely divine. After freshening up we drove to Kingston where we had a fantastic brekkie of scrambled eggs, spinach and fetta and really good coffee. Seriously that was one great breakfast.Yesterday I had a physio appointment and my feet were strapped in a strange way to support my arches. He also gave me some very deep massage on my feet and calves. It was great on the calves but my feet were really aching last night and I felt the pain in my heel as I ran today although it was run-throughable (made up word). Tonight however both feet are aching again. I have to report progress to the physio on Monday so will see what he suggests next. In the meantime the plan is to run with some of Mr B's friends tomorrow. My schedule says 8km but I believe the plan is to run an hour. I'll just play it by ear and see how I feel in the morning.
I have no idea what's going on with my "blog". I have copied and pasted this day about 10 times. Every time I do another blog this one disappears. Now I have Saturday after Sunday and I don't dare touch it again. I hope when I blog tomorrow that this doesn't disappear again. Heeeeeelp!!
Sunday dawns!

Morning Activity

I couldn't even sleep in this morning as Mr B had arranged for us to meet some of his lady friends at the yacht club for an hour's run.

Activity: Run at 8am
Distance: 10.10km
Time: 59:54
Average pace per km: 5:56
Fastest km: 5:18
Calories: 583
Total distance for week: 83km - woo hoo!

Comments: Felt really good on this run for a change. As we were running speedygeoff appeared out of nowhere and joined us for nearly 9km, before he ran off to the jog-along, which was a lovely surprise. I'm sure he enjoyed it too as we were running with a number of young fit looking women who Mr B knows through squash contacts. We ran out for 5km which took 30:54mins then turned and ran back. I actually felt really good in the second half and managed a negative split. Even better I ran the last 2km in 5:18 for each km which is great for me. I was chasing Mr B! Have to work on those times so that I can run like that for longer now! I have run further this week than I have ever run in a week's training before. Now I have to work on the speed!
Evening Activity: Cycle at 6pm
Distance: 17.19km
Time: 55mins
Max sp: 32kph
Calories: 284
Comments: I thought the bike needed airing as I have another little triathlon next weekend so I took it out for a gentle ride. It was a pleasant time of day and I found it quite enjoyable.
Tomorrow a swim followed by brekkie and later speedygeoff's tough hill session at Parliament House.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back to Monday
I did forget to record the fact that I swam on Monday morning before the prerequisite brekkie with Mr B and CJ at RBB. I swam 3 x 300m with a 100m warm down making up my 1km just to start the day right.

Tuesday - Disastrous Cross Country Run
Activity: Run 6pm!!
Distance: 5.11km
Time: 30mins :(
Location: Weston Park

Comments: I had a dreadful run. I felt hot, tired and leaden. My stomach was decidedly dodgy and I took 3 imodeum to get me through the race. During the run I threw my heart rate monitor to a friend on duty at the side of the course. Unfortunately he didn't realise it came apart and when I collected it later he had dropped the actual monitor. He went back and checked the course several times and after the race speedygeoff and I checked as well - no luck - disappointing as it's part of my Garmin 301. Never mind, I will email the place I bought it and hopefully will be able to purchase a replacement. I was at the stage of tearing everything off that felt the least bit tight but on hindsight it was a silly mistake to throw my heart rate monitor and expect someone to look after it for me. It was not a good run. However, after some recovery and a good drink speedygeoff accompanied me on a 6km recovery run at a very slow pace so that I could complete the kilometres on my program.

Total kilometres including cross country: 11.11km
Calories burned: 659
Fastest km: 5:05 (shame I couldn't keep that up!)

This was a race best forgotten!! However, good things always come out of bad and it was a pleasant run with speedygeoff later. We talked about all sorts of things and he has shown me how to link people in my blog. Woo hoo and it works!

Wednesday - an early start!

Activity: Run 5.45am
Distance: 16:11km
Time taken: 1 hour 40mins 38secs
Location: To and round Lake G and home via Giralang

Comments: Although I went to bed after midnight and set the alarm at 5am I woke feeling quite rested and was ready for a run. It was a much better time of day for running. It was cool and I felt comfortable - not fast by any means but comfortable and considering it was back to back with Tuesday night, that was a big plus. It also meant that it freed up my afternoon and I gave myself a rare treat of dining with a friend at a restaurant in town then we walked down to the casino where we won $150 in half an hour - not too bad at all for my night off!

Thursday - Aquathlon #2

Activity: Swim 300m; Run 2.5km
Location: The Boat House by the lake
Total time: 21:42 (TBC)

Comments: It was fantastic to catch up with FD and Aki at the start and again at the end. Mr B cycled over from work to watch the race before heading off for his squash game. It was quite a different sort of lake swim to last time. On the plus side there were no reeds and on the minus side there were lots of nasty sharp stones at the start and near the finish of the swim so it was a case of "ouch, ouch, ouch" as we ran out of the water to transition. My approximate splits were 7:45 for the swim (a minute slower than last week but the swim felt a bit longer too) and just over 13mins for the run but the official results will confirm my times later in the week. I was comfortable and I think I may have been the only one in my age group - that needs to be confirmed too. There are benefits in being "older". I refuse to say "old"!! The swim to the first buoy was good, the water was reasonably flat although there was a bit of cross current swimming to the second buoy and it was difficult to sight the finish. However I was NOT the last out of the water in my wave and I enjoyed the coolness of the water - very refreshing. I just did the short course aquathlon and I enjoyed it. My first intention was to go on to do a 7km run when the race finished but there is always a lot of hanging round afterwards chatting at these events and by the time the barrel drawer had been finished (no luck for any of us again) it was quite late and I was very hungry so the lasagne that I had prepared the night before seemed far too inviting and my rumbling tummy led me home instead!