Sunday, February 26, 2006

Running, Exploring and Supporting a Star!

Activity: Run 9.30am
Distance: 8.2km including 6.07km run plus 6 x 100m strides and warm-down of 2.2km
Time for 6.07km: 33:35
Average pace per km: 5:33
Calories: 362
Fastest km: 5:29

Total km for "easy week" = 62.65km

Comments: I just slept and slept and although I woke early (internal alarm) I just rolled over and went back to sleep because I knew I only had a short run this morning as I ran my long run yesterday - yippee. Although the temperature was quite hot when I ran it was worth the sleep-in. After the 6km I ran 6 x 100m strides (sprints) as fast as I could and then ran slowly home. I missed brekkie as I had planned to go out for lunch in Gundaroo with a friend so grabbed a banana to keep me going. It was a lovely day exploring places I hadn't really seen before - Sutton, Gunning, Gundaroo and Collector - all little country towns which needed investigating.

Saturday - An interesting Run and exciting day!

Activity: Run 7am
Distance: 20.04km
Time: 1hr 57mins
Average pace per km: 5:52
Fastest km: 5:11
Calories: 1195

Comments: That's the longest run for my orthotics so far and they felt ok after the initial twinges. I met up with M at the yacht club and we ran the full course of the lake. He is such an interesting man and such an inspiration. M is 71 on Anzac Day, is Italian born and emigrated to Canberra in 1959. He married an Italian lady in 1962 who he met at English speaking classes. They've lived in the same house in Turner since 1966 and were recently offered a million dollars for it. He's not selling though but wants to leave it to his children. He still works full-time contracted as a concreter and as we ran he pointed out gutters and paths that he had built in the 70s and were still perfect without any cracking. M is deaf in his right ear so I ran on his left side so he could hear me. I found his story so interesting as all things Italian fascinate me. I didn't notice that we were running at a reasonable pace so was pretty happy when we picked up speed for the last km and ran it in 5:11. Hope I can run that comfortably in the Weston Creek Half in a couple of weeks with a faster overall average pace though. I won't be chatting in the race though - that should help the speed! It was an enjoyable run and afterwards I met up with CJ, Mr CJ, Mr B and Jon at Black Pepper - lovely.

Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay
As MM from the Vets Athletics was running in the Queen's Baton Relay I went out to support her. It was so exciting and such an endorphin rush to be a part of it. She was over the moon and looked the part in her Commonwealth Games uniform. RJ & wife and grandchildren were there and lots of MM's family (including her twin pictured below) from different parts of Aussie came over to watch too. Later we went to Garema Place to see the happenings there. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

Activity: Swim
Distance: 800m
Comments: A gentle swim followed by brekkie with CJ and Mr B - nice start to a rest day from running!

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  1. Those relay uniforms look good - what a collector's item.

    Yes, don't strike up a conversation during the half and you'll run fast.