Thursday, February 16, 2006

Aquathlon #3 - Just beating the storm

Distance: 300m swim; 2.5km run

Locality: The Boat House - Mennindee Drive
Time: 22:11 (TBC)

Comments: I was in the last wave tonight which started 20mins after the first wave in which Aki and Flashduck were competing as a team in the longer course. At least it gave me plenty of time to pysche myself up and to chat to lots of people I hadn't seen for a while including Anne Marie from the Vets who is back running after being injured. It was good to catch up and she and Pam will return for the last aqua in a couple of weeks. I also caught up with Sue (a Vet in my age group who's a very fast runner who fortunately competed in the long course).

By the time my wave was due to start (the old people were sent off last) the wind had picked up, a storm was brewing and the lake had been transformed from a millpond to rather rippling undulating waves. It wasn't too bad but it was certainly difficult to sight the buoys or the finish line. A young man had to stand out near the finish to guide swimmers in the right direction towards the finish of the swim leg. The run leg was over rather quickly. I was just starting to get into my stride but because the clouds were very threatening and thunder was rumbling in the background I decided to wait for the barrel draws and not go for another run after the race. As it turned out that was a good decision as I won a bag of biscuits in the barrel draw. How exciting. Of course that meant I had to sample them on the way home - not so good!


  1. You old people can kick my ass any day! You should get to go first! : )

  2. I don't understand - why did you have to start with the old people?