Thursday, February 23, 2006

A 'bits and pieces' run!

Activity: Fartlek Run at 5.40am
Distance: 12km
Fastest km: 5:25

Comments: Now, why is it when I decide to run Yasso 800s that it never works out for me. It just doesn't happen! Today I ran to the oval, measured it out carefully for 400m avoiding the soggy bits and started out just as the sprinklers started up - no wonder the grass was soggy! So I trotted over to the neighbouring oval and just as I completed 400m on came the sprinklers there - they were following me! Damn! I tried to measure the distance on the cycle track but it was hopeless cos I had to keep checking the time which was not only distracting but very inaccurate. Although Gandalf had been set up in advanced workout, because I stopped him several times, I ruined the whole workout. Feeling frustrated I gave up and ran about 6 x 30secs fast instead, not very successfully I might add. I arrived home, added up all the bits, discovered I was 3km short so set off for another 3km so that I could record 12km. Of course there's seven different starts on Gandalf and I have no idea what my average time per km ended up as there were too many bits and pieces altogether but I know I ran the last 3km comfortably.

Today I had an optometrist appointment and my eyes haven't deteriorated in 4 years which is pretty good. I also visited the physio who has heated up my orthotics and moulded them a bit more so I hope Sat's run will be ok. Tomorrow morning I'm swimming so hope I don't drown after a week's break, then it's brekkie with CJ and Mr B - lovely. I have a rest day from running and a sports massage at lunch time - can't wait!


  1. Enjoyed brekkie this morning - great way to start the day.

  2. Sounds like Gandalf had a bad coaching day!