Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Caution - tree roots and pot holes!

I did forget to add that our hill sprints yesterday included 3 push-ups after the first hill run-up in each lap - hmmm!

Tonight was the Tuesday Cross Country run in much more manageable weather.

Activity: Cross country run and warm down run
Distance: 12.62km (including 5.30km for cross country event)
Time: 28:56 for cross country run; 1hour 16mins 34seconds for 12.62km
Best km: 5:06
Average pace per km for 12.62km: 5:58 (forgot to clear Garmin at end of race)
Average pace per km for 5.30km race (now on website): 5:28
Calories: 928
Location: Eddison Park - Phillip

Comments: It was a real cross country two lap course over grassy uneven surface with tree roots, pot holes and branches everywhere. Unfortunately my running buddy Jon tripped and turned his ankle badly. I stopped to check on him but he told me to keep going. I did call out for help at the end of the first lap but he did manage to limp to the start where he was given medical advice. He managed to drive home and perform RICE but his ankle swelled up a lot so he may be out of running for a few days at least. After seeing Jon fall I must admit I did run with some caution over all those tree roots so probably could have gone a little faster. Gandalf had a flat battery which has never happened before but Flashduck had two devices with her and lent me her spare Garmin which was wonderful as I could still record my distance and time. After the event FD ran with me for a further 7km to make up the distance for my program. It was lovely to have the company and as she runs at a better pace than me it kept me honest and I still felt comfortable. I really enjoyed that part of the run.
Now, however, I am very very tired so I do hope I can rise early enough to run the planned 18km in the morning. Yoga resumes tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to it, as long as I can stay awake!!

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  1. That very easy warm-down run we did on Monday must have helped - it was a beautiful pace for conversation.