Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Summer Series continues in the Heat!

Activity: Run with the Cross Country Club
Distance: 7km
Time: 39mins
Average pace per km: 5:35
Fastest km: 5:02
Calories: 413

Comments: I didn't have a very good start to this run. I dropped my glasses during the day and had them taped together until my optometrist appointment on Thursday. It took me more than 40mins to reach the lake as I detoured to collect Mr B after work and then we were caught in the traffic so we cut the start very fine and I felt rushed. It was 31deg and I was suffering with dehydration and tiredness. I did not enjoy the run even though it was on home territory. It was an out and back course at Lake Ginninderra as part of the cycle track had been cut off because of construction happening. I don't know what happened to me as usually I enjoy the lake run. I wore my orthotics for the second time and although they felt ok, after the first km everything was hurting. I was seriously thirsty and hanging out for water at the end. It was good to see JD back on board after turning his ankle a couple of runs ago. He ran the whole course and was not suffering so that was great. CJ and Mr B had fantastic times as did Aki and speedygeoff. I think I must have been the only one affected by the heat. Maybe I just had a bad day! The evening improved however as after the run we detoured home for a quick shower and change and went to the yacht club where we joined the Vets' Athletics Club for a fish and chips dinner. It was a good turn out and the food was delicious. I hadn't realised I was so hungry.

An Early Start on Wednesday

Activity: Run at 5.30am
Calories: 996
Distance: 15.51km
Time: 1hour 35mins
Average pace per km: 6:09

It was quite a pleasant morning early, not too hot! I ran with my ipod and enjoyed the music and felt comfortable on the run until the last few kms when my left heel started to hurt again. I have made an extra appointment with the physio tomorrow to adjust the orthotic but still have to run 12km tomorrow morning so hope it's ok. We're looking after our little grand-daughter, Talia, tomorrow evening so don't want to lose a minute of that time after work. My pace was a bit slow but apart from the niggles in my foot I felt ok.

Yoga 5.45pm
It seriously just keeps getting better. No matter how tired I feel and believe me today I felt tired, yoga never fails to help me feel fantastic. Yes, some of the stretches really hurt and yes, I find the shoulder stand a challenge but that last 10-15mins when we totally relax completely makes up for any discomfort during the session and I know those stretches are very good for me. I always walk out of there with a smile on my face, feeling relaxed and the world seems a better place.


  1. Was it 31 degrees? Believe me, you were not the only one affected by heat out there, I certainly was and I know a few others who were battling. I was a bit slower than normal, and so was KC, so don't worry about your time and just count it as a training run near race pace. :)

  2. Remember it is your easy week too. Just relax and enjoy your running - and if you have a bad one just chalk it up to experience. Looking forward to brekkie on Friday!

  3. Aki's right - a good training run at a solid pace (how often do you run 5:02s in training?)

    I might have to give Yoga a go - could help the tight hamstrings.