Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Improvement at last!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Activity: Cross Country Race
Distance: 5.11km
Time: 27:28
Pace per km: 5:23
Best km: 4:42 (woo hoo)
Place: 116th out of about 145
39th woman out of 60

Distance for warm-down: 8.01km easy - recovery
Time: 50:42
Pace per km: 6:20

Comments: Although my calf muscles felt tight and a bit like cramping I ran much better today, probably because I didn't do that tough hill session last night. I did have a bit of pain in my right ankle so will need to work on strengthening it. Most of the course was flat and good but the start was on uneven grassy surface and the course started and finished on a grassy uneven hill which wasn't nice! At about the 2km mark the ducky flashed past with her stunning new hairdo, looking fresh and fit. I saw lots of familiar faces and after a quick catch-up with friends after the race Mr B and I took off for an 8km warm-down, at least I ran the 8km but Mr B found 6km quite enough! He did after all complete the race in 23mins which is a considerably faster time than me.
Later we went home and ate a yummy dinner of pate, very tender steak, prawns, avocado, baked spuds, extra good salad, fresh pineapple, nice wine and then we ate far too much Turkish Delight choccie - oh dear, tomorrow I will diet! Now to bed as I have to run 20km early in the morning. Unfortunately I can't run it after work as I have yoga - yawn!!

Monday - A Rest from Running!
Activity: Swim
Distance: 1km
Time: 28mins

Yes, all I did today was a recovery swim after the long run yesterday. It felt comfortable but the pool was very busy and every unbooked lane had several people in it. I had to battle against backstrokers and breaststrokers who managed to make it quite difficult to pass as they spread over the width of the lane - a bit frustrating but I still enjoyed the swim and the brekkie with Mr B and CJ later of course.

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  1. Yay! Good run - must've been the thought of all that food afterwards!