Sunday, February 19, 2006

Vets Handicap Race on a Hot Sunday

Total km for week: 94.11km

Activity: Run 8.30am
Location: North Curtin
Distance: 6.56km
Time: 36:48
Average pace per km: 5:36
Fastest km: 4:58
Calories: 389

Comments: I wore my orthotics from the physio for the first time and after the first weird feeling wore off they actually felt ok which surprised me somewhat as they felt really uncomfortable when I tried them out when they were being fitted and I was quite worried about this event. As it turned out it wasn't too bad at all in spite of the long run yesterday and the heat this morning. The run started on the oval and then turned up a seemingly endless hill which twisted and turned and went up and up for about 3km. It was tough. Then suddenly, oh joy, we turned a bend and started running downhill and then on to a cycle path. Wow, that was a great feeling after the tough start. I ran from Group 15 and came in 42nd. There were well over 100 in the longer event so that wasn't too bad as long as I don't compare it to Mr B who ran from Group 25 and came in 20th or with speedygeoff who won the bronze medal from Group 29. How good was that!

After the race I ran a slow 2km warm down with Maria for part of the way and Mr B. We stayed around a little while for the presentations and a chat then had to rush home for a shower before going to my daughter and her partner for a yummy brunch and swim in their pool - heaven indeed. Later we went home to cook a bbq for the rest of the family who have just left. It was such a lovely evening for sitting outside until the sun went down - a lovely family afternoon and evening. And now I'm really tired so have decided not to swim in the morning but grab an extra hour's sleep and have a complete rest day as is scheduled for the start of my easy week.


  1. Good to run in the early part of the day, even though it was very very hot.

    It was much better today, out in the lovely Cotter area, lots of forestry workers, Actew people inspecting their fittings, picnickers, plumbers at the Pearce's creek Forestry one remaining home.

    Kangaroos and Galahs

  2. I got sidetracked from my original intention to indicate that I was informed that the course was exactly 6.5km by official measure.

    Because of the cricket match on the westernmost oval, the course went straight over the oval to the cycle path and then split westward, left.

    When it was measured, they were surprised to find it was exactly 6.5km.


  3. I need you back for the 'extra bit' on Mondays. Gary is way too fast!