Monday, February 06, 2006

Countdown - 9 weeks to go - halfway through training

Morning activity: Swim
Distance: only 800m
Location: Civic Pool

Comments: I was running very late and could only fit in 20mins swimming before dashing off to meet CJ and Mr B for brekkie - an important start to the week. The water felt quite cool this morning but could have been related to the warm climate outside.

Activity: speedygeoff's training group
Location: Parliament House
Distance: 12km including gentle warm down
Temperature: approx 32deg

Comments: It was another hot day and another hill sprint session, this time we ran 5 x 700m hill repeats with a couple of pretty tough hills included. Legs felt very heavy and slow. The actual session was just over 7km and afterwards speedygeoff, PRB and Ewen ran with me for a further very gentle 5km to make up the 12km distance on my schedule. We ran down to the lake in a similar run to last Monday. We ran very slowly as I felt seriously tired but it was good company.

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  1. I was thinking of you as I was lying on the couch after work, thinking better you than me!!!!

    Didn't realise we were halfway through our program - eek!