Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Pleasant Long Run with Great Company

Activity: Run at 7am
Distance: 35.40km
Time: 3hours 37mins 49secs!
Average pace per km: 6:09
Fastest km: 5:35
Calories burned: 2147

Comments: Set the alarm for 4.45am to allow plenty of time for appropriate preparation for the long run and for my tummy to settle after the toast and honey. Met up with FlashDuck just before 7am and FS about 5mins later. The forecast was for a hot day but at that time it's really pleasant and we had a good start. For once I felt fresh after a good sleep and felt comfortable chatting and running at a far better pace than last week. FD ran with us for about 12km and we saw quite of lot of people we knew out there running including what appeared to be a Half Marathon training group in its vast numbers.

The lake was beautiful. I always think we are so lucky running in Canberra as we have such pretty places to look at on the way. There were lots of kayakers and rowers on the water and lots of ducks and swans as well and in the sky there were a number of hot air balloons making it all quite pictuesque and peaceful as we pounded the cycle paths. FD sent us on our way at hospital hill as unfortunately she had to stop and managed to walk back to her car at the yacht club where we would meet her later. JS and I ran on through the wetlands, to Kingston Foreshore where we turned and ran back to Dairy Flat Road and turned right there this time and went on about 1.5km further to the underpass at Fyshwick where we turned again and returned to the yacht club. At this stage Mr B joined us on his bike and kept us going for the last 9km with comments such as "pick up the pace a little now, hmmm just a little quicker, not bad - you're doing well" or words to that effect. There was a moment when we reached the bridge where I had to stop in the shade and sit for a moment. I think the heat was starting to affect me as well as intense thirst. Although I refilled my drink bottles three times I just could not seem to quench my thirst. However, we only rested a minute and that was enough to revive me. After that we managed our fastest km at the 33km mark of 5:35 so the little rest helped. It was a much better run than last week and I felt quite strong and comfortable for those last few kms where we had to pick up pace to meet the program's goals.

We met up with FD at the yacht club and JS and I paddled in the lake. I have a definite love/hate relationship with that lake. Today I just loved it so much. The cooling soothing affect on tired legs and feet is absolute bliss!

Once dried and refreshed we all set off for Kingston Grind where we consumed a delicious brunch of scrambled eggs with spinach and fetta on Italian toast - believe me it was divine. Later still Mr B and I went market shopping and ate a large gelati (maybe I thought I was still in Italy) - it was soooooo good!

Yes, it was a good day - great company this morning and a pleasant afternoon with a nail appointment (trouble staying awake there though) and shopping done.

Back to yesterday - Friday

Activity: Run
Distance: 13.89km
Calories burned: 902

Today I had planned to complete 5 x Yasso 800s. However, something went wrong with my planning. CJ had set Gandalf for an advanced workout for me but I made the mistake of assuming the oval I found was 400m and of course twice round it would be 800m. Actually it probably was in fact 400m but overnight it had rained heavily and the grass was very very soggy and I took little shortcuts trying to avoid sinking into the mire. Hmmmm, when I checked Gandalf later it informed me that I had run 5 x 750m at 3.58 pace with 3.58 jogs between - not the intention at all. It was supposed to be 5 x 800m at 3.58 pace. I ran 5km to the oval and ran home after the workout but I was a bit disappointed in myself as the time of course was much slower than intended. I should have checked the distance more carefully - next time??


  1. That was a good long run! Amazing you ran Yassos the previous day and still felt good. It was so hot yesterday morning. The dams I ran past were tempting.

    Don't forget - I'm the leader of the slow group at Geoff's tomorrow! Everything will be slow.