Thursday, February 09, 2006

Battling a Head Wind!

Activity: Run
Distance: 13.12km
Locality: Lake Burley Griffin from work
Pace per km: 5:51
Calories: approx 800

Comments: Had a bit of trouble with Gandalf at start and didn't manage to start him until I had run more than a km. However after approx 4km I attempted to run 4 x 800 yassos which means I tried to run them in 3:58 with the same length of time jogging between each 800. Now, I was battling a strong head wind and I couldn't figure out how to set the laps so I will read the instruction booklet more carefully and try again when I'm not rushing after work. The first 800m was pretty close to accurate but I forgot to stop the next one at 800m so it was about 825m in 4:01 which is not what I was aiming to do. The next two were about that time too so I will definitely have to find a set 800m distance and run that in the required time. Next week I will be more organised and try for five. Maybe I should follow Lucky Legs' example and go to the AIS track for those sessions! It was very difficult battling the elements and I had to make a mad dash to the loo on the return trip. At least the weather wasn't too hot tonight, just plain windy!


  1. You could set Gandalf's split distance at 400m. Run two 400s for your 800 in 3:58 then jog the next 400m in 4 minutes etc.

    You could use the AIS but it's impossible to run out of sight on a dark night there.

  2. Why not just run in the 3000m race at the AIS on Thursday nights like everyone else? (except Ewen, who does the High Jump). You could surge the straights, and surge the bends? None of this jogging stuff.