Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cross Country Run - another hot one!

Activity: Run
Distance: 5.11km (according to Gandalf)
Time: 26:31
Average pace per km: 5:09
Calories: 320
Temperature: 31deg
Best km: 4:41
Laps as below:

1st km
4:41 1.00
2nd km
4:51 1.00
3rd km
5:19 1.00
4th km
5:24 1.00
5th km
5:43 1.00

Comments: This would be considered the opposite to a negative split! I started too fast and each km became slower! I ran the first 3km with Mr B but after the turnaround I could no longer keep up that pace unfortunately. However, I still beat last week's run by almost a minute and although it was very hot again I coped better today. After the race Mr B and I jogged a gentle 2km warm-down. This was shorter than the scheduled plan today but felt justified cos both yesterday and today were hard sessions. It was good to see so many familiar faces out there. It's always a great opportunity to catch up with running friends.


  1. Of course, you ran so fast because your legs were fresh after our extra slow warm-down on Monday!

    Nothing wrong with positive splits if you average 5:09s.

  2. Nice time in the heat. And I think positive splits sound happy, it's just such an optimistic term. :)