Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back to RPM!

Wednesday 6.15am
This morning I made it to the gym on time to do an RPM/Spin class. It was a great workout and I really pushed myself which hopefully will help the leg strength!

5.45pm - Yoga
Tonight's class was great. It was a restorative session and just so good. Although some of the stretches and poses were a bit difficult there were also a number of relaxing poses and they are the best after a stressful day in the office!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Short term memory loss!

Oh golly, another week has flown by already and now there's all this catching up to do. I so wish I didn't have to go to work and could keep everything up to date. I can't believe it's less than a month until Christmas. I have just so much to do and work is so busy and there's so many functions it's driving me crazy. What is really really disappointing is that I was so much looking forward to track on Thursday with Luckylegs coming to Canberra to be at track and the spiral handicap event to run. However, I completely overlooked the fact that it is actually the evening of our client staff Christmas party which I am compelled to attend being part of management and I am disappointed, frustrated and very cross with myself!

I will go backwards with my training (which probably has gone backwards lately anyway)!

Monday 27 November
Morning - Gym
Total body workout

Running - speedygeoff's group at Parliament House
Geoff was unable to attend tonight so Trevor led our group following speedygeoff's program. After a warm-up loop of PH our main set was 5 x [600m hilly loops fast, 600m hilly loops slow]. Maureen and I managed 4 repeats before calling it quits. The others had lapped us anyway. The temperature was 34deg and we were dripping and uncomfortable. We finished with a cool-down (I wish) loop back to the carpark.

Total distance: 8km

Sunday - Vets' Handicap Run - 8.30am
Location: Innabaanya (Mount Majura)
Handicap Group: 20
Place: 70th
Distance: 8km
Time taken: 47:30
Average pace per km: 5:57

The run started on a hill and was off-road, very undulating and had a lot of loose stones and rocks on the route so I had to watch my footing. It was a two loop course and the second time certainly felt easier than the first loop in spite of the hills and knowing what was coming next! I managed to run all the way although a bit slowly! I didn't run really well but it was a good course although I did run with caution among the rough surface. The weather was very hot and I don't run particularly well in the heat. There was however some lovely shaded parts along the way. Mr B ran well taking ten minutes less than me and coming in 10th from Group 25. After the run we stayed to listen to all the presentations and enjoyed a sausage sizzle, drinks and good company!

Later in the afternoon I watched the finish of the Hartley Challenge where all the cyclists arrived in convoy at Reconciliation Place. We had a couple of friends who had completed the cycle and had a ball. It was certainly an impressive challenge over three days of cycling a total of 450km.

The triple tri was also held this weekend and a number of friends and vetrunners competed in various legs.

Saturday - Medium hilly run from Molonglo Reach - 8am
From next Saturday onwards our runs will start at 7am as the weather is becoming really hot. However this morning we started at 8am and yes, it was still very hot. Barbara turned up this week and for a while we ran with Ewen who had decided to start with our 8am group today as we run more gently than the 7am group! We ran a slightly different route back following Ewen. It was very close in distance to our usual run.

Distance: 16.3km
Average pace per km: 6:30
Time taken: 1hour 46mins

Morning - Gym

6pm - Track

I planned to run the 3000m event at 6pm and arrived with just over 5 minutes to spare - not a lot of warm-up but tonight it was extremely hot on the track. The sun was glaring down and that 3km felt really hard. I was 28secs slower than last time!!
Event: 3000m
Time taken: 15:25

I was just packing up to leave the track when Marg and Anne arrived and somehow I was talked into entering the 10000m event. Now this means running round and round the track 25 times. Fortunately the sun was no longer streaming down and the conditions were a lot better at 8pm than they were at 6pm. Roy lap counted for Marg, Steve and me and off we went - round and round and round. For the first 6km I ran behind Marg and tried to ensure that she didn't get too far in front. At the 6km mark I sped up a little bit and managed to pass her. At this point I tried to continue at a slightly faster pace and managed to stay in front of her. It wasn't as boring as I thought it would be as there were lots of others out there and people cheering on the sidelines. In fact I hate to admit this but I will probably do it again!

Event: 10,000m
Time taken: 53:46

Wednesday - gym and yoga
Too far away to remember the details. I know I definitely benefitted from the yoga session. I will try very hard to update my blog more regularly so that I don't forget what I'm doing!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And it just keeps getting hotter!

After work today I drove to the National Library to compete in one of the Cross Country Spring Series races. The temperature was over 34deg and there was a hot wind rising. I had to squeeze in this run before going to the Veteran's Sub Committee Meeting (after a shower of course). It was a bit of a rush. However that didn't manage to make me run faster as my time reflects. Although it is a pleasant run from the National Library to and past the Yacht Club for 2.5km and return it was too hot to really push myself. I chatted to Caroline who had already run up Black Mtn at lunchtime - amazing lady of over 60 who competes in lots of triathlons as well.

Distance: 5.09km
Time taken: 27:40
Average pace per km: 5:26
Calories burned: 250

Monday, November 20, 2006

A Scorcher of a Canberra Day!

Yes, today reached 31deg and tomorrow's forecast is for 32deg so it makes for hot running weather!

6am - Gym
I used the stepper machine for my warm up then worked on the leg machine, adductors and abductors, before concentrating on the shoulders, chest, back, triceps, biceps and abs. I increased all my weights except the shoulder machine - I find that so hard!

5.30pm - speedygeoff's training group at Parliament House
My legs did not want to work too hard tonight and it was quite an effort to keep going. However after the warm up loop they started to feel a bit better. We formed teams of two again and this week I teamed up with Maureen. We ran a 600m lap as fast as possible (including hills of course) followed by a gentler 400m while our partner ran the 600m loop. We repeated this five times with very little break between each set. It was a really hot humid night and we were absolutely dripping by the time we finished the main set and ran our cool down (not that 'cool' is the operative word) lap back to the car park.

Distance: 9km
Calories burned: 520

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The World comes to Canberra!

Sometimes it is very difficult to keep on top of my blogging but now I should catch up before another week overtakes me.

On Wednesday I went to the gym to work on my upper body although I did spend ten minutes warming up on the treadmill, something I find quite difficult as I much prefer to run in the fresh air!

Saturday - Off-road Run
I met our Sat group at Molonglo Reach at 8am and ran our usual run past the Duntroon Golf Course and round the Mt Ainslie course with slight variations - in fact the route we took was a bit hillier than last week. There were six of us running in that group today and I was running at the rear feeling a bit tired after two full days in Adelaide. However the resulting time wasn't as bad as I expected.

Distance: 16km
Time taken: 1hour 38mins
Average pace per km: 6:07
Calories burned: 998
Fastest km: 5:26

After we finished we stopped at the BBQ area for a while where we were joined by others from the 7am group including Ewen. We also had a glass of champagne complete with strawberries and commiserated with the three from our group who had pulled out from the Twin Peaks Run at the last minute and congratulated Steve who joined us after having run it! CJ unfortunately had to withdraw as she has still not recovered from a lingering virus. As I was driving home I nearly fell asleep probably due to lack of sleep over the past few days and the glass of champagne - oops!

Today (Sunday) I have been at Commonwealth Park watching and cheering at the World's Long Distance Triathlon (4km swim, 120km cycle, 30km run) which was held in Canberra. There were about 600 competitors from all over the world and Mr B was a technical official. A group of us were supporting a friend who had been selected to compete in the 50-55 age group representing Canberra. He was in the first 30 out of the water and was doing extremely well on the bike until the last lap. At this stage he had four punctures and ended up walking in cycle shoes, wheeling his bike, for the last 10km of the cycle before running/walking the 30km run leg with severe cramping in his calf muscles. Although he took over 11 hours to finish this event to me he epitomises the courage and endurance of great athletes - a true inspiration. The temperature today was 31deg and it was very hot being a spectator let alone being a competitor. Well done to all those amazing participants including Flashdrake who looked really strong!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Weather Won't Make up its Mind!

This morning I didn't manage to struggle to the gym although I woke before the alarm at 5.10am. I just felt utterly lethargic and my calves were still very sore so I gave myself an extra hour in bed before going to work to unpack more boxes after our office move.

During the course of the day it rained, the sun came out, there was a storm, strong winds, more rain and eventually it actually warmed up and the sun came out again in time for speedygeoff's training session at Parliament House.

After our warm up lap we started our main set from the rose garden. We divided into relay teams of two and I chose to be put with Ewen in the hope that he might be tired as he had already run over 6km before our session. We ran 400m hard in a hilly loop, tagged our partner and ran a gentler 220m while the other person ran the 400m. We repeated this seven times with very little time for rest before our team member tagged us. It was tough but I quite enjoyed it especially since I had contemplated not going to training as I felt pretty ordinary all day. However I think the training helped me feel better and although my calves and hamstring hurt a fair bit it was manageable. Thank you Ewen. We finished with a warm down lap of Parliament House.

Total distance: 9km
Fastest km: 4:28 (that must have been when speedygeoff wasrunning up behind me)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Swim, Track, Gym and an Undulating Weekend Run

6.30am - Swim
A lovely 1km gentle swim followed by a spa and yummy brekkie with CJ and Mr B.

6pm - Track at AIS
As I was on call to babysit I only had time to enter the 800metre event. I managed to take a few seconds off my previous time a couple of weeks ago which made me happy. My previous best was 3:36:81.
Time taken: 3:34:28

Friday - Gym
This morning I followed my program working on legs, chest, arms, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and abs.

Saturday - A Run with the 'Cotter Group'
I met up with Graeme's runners at Molonglo Reach at 8am. There were just six of us running together and at the 6km mark only us 3 "girls" decided to run the full loop. We ran past Duntroon and on to Mt Ainslie where we ran the reverse of the Vets' handicap run. It was obviously quite undulating and my calves were a bit tight. The previous day I had been packing boxes and running up and down 45 steps from my office to the office next door which also has 45 steps (and no lift). Yes, our office has relocated next door and it was a very full-on day. Today I ran with Liz and learnt yet another interesting life story. It's so good becoming acquainted with new people who have such fantastic stories to tell. Liz is just returning from injury. At the six foot track this year she unknowingly ran the distance in about 5hrs 45mins with a cracked pelvis! After the event she could hardly walk (not surprisingly). It took about two months however before she was correctly diagnosed and had to stop running for two months after that! What an incredible pain threshold she must have!

Distance: 16:40km
Time taken: 1hr 43mins
Average pace per km: 6:18
Calories burned: 1002
Fastest km: 4:57

Unfortunately I couldn't stay after the run to chat with the others who were gradually returning from the 7am group or with those who had turned back earlier as I had to quickly drive home to shower and change and go to help out at our Vets' Athletics tent at the Belconnen Community Day. That was quite fun with lots of familiar people dropping by. Then it was a nail appointment and a quick return to our tent to assist with the packing up, before going to the fruit and vege markets and the supermarket to stock up for the week. The temp today reached 29deg and was beautiful.

Today was supposedly a "rest" day. However, after taking my daughter to the airport from where she flew off to America for three weeks, I drove into work to scrub windows, desks and benches and unpack boxes in our new office. At home Mr B and our son spent a busy day working on the construction of a deck which will hopefully mean some lovely outdoor living during the summer months.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday looking both ways to Sunday!

Yesterday turned into a "rest" day although that wasn't the original intention. I ate far too much for our Melbourne Cup lunch but still changed into my running gear after work and headed off with the intention of running (or plodding) in the first of the Spring series Cross Country runs. As I drove to collect Mr B the rains came down and the wind came up! Mr B was waiting outside his office looking decidedly "un-ready" for the run. Yes, he managed to talk me out of driving to the run and driving home instead. Oh why am I so easily tempted not to run when the weather turns cold? Of course by the time we arrived home the rain had stopped and I immediately felt guilty for not having run. I do hate my silly conscience sometimes - it's always telling me off when I wuss out!

6.15am - Gym
This morning I made up for it (sort of) by going to the gym in time for an RPM class. It was really hard work and my legs were burning. I'm sure it was just as hard as a tough run!
5.30pm - Yoga
After work I went to my yoga class - lots of difficult stretches, twists, leg poses, a very long shoulder stand and a 12 minute rest pose to finish.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mondays turn up so fast!

6.15am - Gym
I cut the time a little fine for the Bodypump class so I followed my program instead covering everything in it - legs, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and abs. I warmed up on the stepper and cooled down on the treadmill. It took nearly an hour and I enjoyed a pleasant brekkie afterwards before heading off to another stressful day in the office!

5.30pm - speedygeoff's training group - Parliament House
For once I was in plenty of time for the full warm-up and we ran a couple of loops of PH before heading for the rose garden. From here we divided into groups of three and ran "following the leader" in any direction for 25 minutes. The leader changed as imagination waned and we ran quite a few interesting routes. I ran with speedygeoff and Ewen. It was fun. Then we regrouped at the rose garden from where we all ran as fast as possible for three lots of 210metres of undulating terrain including negotiating steep steps and bends. After a cool down loop back to the carpark our total distance was just under 8km.

Distance: 8km
Calories: 450

Good luck to all those who are placing their "once a year" bets on a Melbourne Cup horse tomorrow! We are having a lunch at work but I should avoid the wine as at 6pm the Cross Country Club has its first 5km event in the Spring/Summer series.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A PB; some rain and a good off-road run

Thursday morning - swim
Another enjoyable swim. I don't seem to improve my time but I'm finding the km I swim very comfortable. I enjoyed a lovely spa after the swim. It was so good.

Thursday 6pm - track - run
The sky looked a bit murky as I headed for the AIS straight after work. The temperature became very humid and uncomfortable after the first event - a sure sign that the rain wasn't far away. I entered the 3000m, the first event at 6pm. As tonight was also the Pennington series we were handicapped according to age groups. I'm happy to report that I finally made the distance in under 15mins - yay!

Distance: 3km
Time taken: 14:58

Shortly after the start of the next event, the 3000m walk, the heavens opened and it really poured down. It was a beautiful sight but not such good timing. Those poor walkers were absolutely drenched and by the time the event finished looked like a bunch of drowned rats! However it certainly cooled the temperature suddenly. As it continued to rain steadily during the 1500m CJ and I decided to wait until the 5 lap spiral handicap event which was the last event for the night at 8.15pm. By that time the rain had eased and it was very pleasant running although all that rest between events made me a bit toooo relaxed as is shown by the time I took!

Event - 5 lap spiral (2km)
Time taken: 10:13
Handicap: Group 29
Place: 14th (32 starters)

Friday - Gym - 6.15am
This morning, after a warm-up on the treadmill, I concentrated mainly on the upper body - chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs although I did spend a little time on the leg press.

Saturday - Run with the Cotter group - Molonglo Reach
I chose the 8am start which is the shorter version and although this is the Cotter Group over the summer months they are running from Molonglo Reach where there are more sheltered places to run as the weather becomes much hotter. I have never run with this group before and as neither Marg or Barb could join me today it was a whole new experience for me. When I arrived and realised who was running I have to admit that initally I felt a little intimidated. There were a number of very skinny fit-looking ladies who I recognised as also having very fast times!

The group did various lengths running off road all the time which is much easier on the legs. At the 6km mark only three of us selected to continue on around Mt Ainslie following the Vets' Handicap course and other undulations. It was good for me to run with new people. At this stage I ran with Cathy M with Debbie just ahead. Running is such a lovely way to learn about people's interesting lives and I enjoyed the run especially as we ran at a very non-threatening pace in spite of my initial fears! I will return and next month I believe we all start at 7am so I can select longer distances at that stage!

Distance: 16:42
Time taken: 1hr 41mins (too much talking obviously)
Average pace per km: 6:10
Calories: 1044
Fastest km: 5:17 (interestingly that was at the 16km mark)

After our various runs we met at the BBQ area and had nibbles and coffee and chatted. CJ, Ewen and Steve finished a little later after running for a tough 26km.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Invisible Baton Change at Brindabella Classic

Handing Marg the invisible baton after finishing my leg in the Brindabella Classic Relay.

(Photo courtesy of speedygeoff's blog)

November already!

Sunday 29 October - First Day of Daylight Saving
Vets' Run
Guess who blogged about daylight saving on Sat night and then forgot to put the clocks forward before going to bed! Yes, it was me and believe me, when I realised the actual time while eating my banana on toast at a leisurely pace, I moved faster than I run in order to shower, dress and drive out to pick up CJ on the way to Deek's Forest for the Veterans' Monthly Handicap run. I made it with time to spare and discovered I had been put back six groups because of my win last month. Eeek! Not much danger of a medal today! However, it was a good run and a good course albeit a little bare without the forest but the surface was good and there were plenty of undulations to make it interesting. I came in 78th which was rather different from 1st last month! After witnessing our friend Ian being presented with his "100th run" t-shirt CJ, Barb, Marg and I drove to Black Pepper where we met up with Mr CJ for coffee.

Distance: 8km
Time: 43:30
Average pace per km: 5:25
Fastest km: 4:50
Group: 20
Place: 78th

Monday 30 October
6.15am - Bodypump at Gym
This was a good class and a great way to start the week. It was hard work but always feels good.
5.30pm - speedygeoff's running at Parliament House
A couple of warm up loops of PH followed by a 1km undulating run, 30 sit ups then a main set of intervals round the track between the cones speedygeoff had set up for us. We also practised our sprint starts for the track session on Thursday. Of course we finished with a cool down loop of PH and stretches.

Distance: 8km
Calories burned: 400

Wednesday 1 November
5.45am - Run
Yes, I dragged myself out of bed intending to go for a 10km run. However, it was an absolutely perfect morning for running and I had a few things on my mind. I always find a long run is a great panacea where all the problems of the world seem to find a temporary (very temporary) solution. It's the best therapy ever. Anyway, my run turned into 17km. I set off from home and headed for Lake Ginninderra but instead of running past it and towards home my legs carried me down the hill and on around the lake before heading home via Giralang. It's a great run but I probably started a little late and it turned into another mad panic when I arrived home. Breakfast became a liquid drink and I did roll up to work half an hour later than usual. I was only in the office ten minutes before I just had to go down to buy a strong coffee to keep me awake!

Distance: 17km
Time taken: 1hr 38mins
Average pace per km: 5:48
Calories burned: 992

5.45pm - Yoga
Yoga was really good tonight - heaps of new stretches and leg work and I actually found it quite good for my hamstrings which are still troubling me. We spent a long time perfecting a number of stretches and repeating them over and over. We also practised the start of a head stand and spent five full minutes in a shoulder stand. The rest pose at the end was for 15 minutes - absolute heaven!

I am very tired tonight. Tomorrow morning I'll go for a gentle swim and spend some time in the spa - I love that. Then of course it's track tomorrow night. The forecast is for much needed rain tomorrow - will be interesting if it rains for the track session. Wonder if that affects the numbers?