Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And it just keeps getting hotter!

After work today I drove to the National Library to compete in one of the Cross Country Spring Series races. The temperature was over 34deg and there was a hot wind rising. I had to squeeze in this run before going to the Veteran's Sub Committee Meeting (after a shower of course). It was a bit of a rush. However that didn't manage to make me run faster as my time reflects. Although it is a pleasant run from the National Library to and past the Yacht Club for 2.5km and return it was too hot to really push myself. I chatted to Caroline who had already run up Black Mtn at lunchtime - amazing lady of over 60 who competes in lots of triathlons as well.

Distance: 5.09km
Time taken: 27:40
Average pace per km: 5:26
Calories burned: 250


  1. Keep up the training.

    Although the hot weather knocks us all around, as long as we run according to the conditions we should manage a smile at the end of our runs.


  2. I'm glad Gandalf ran an extra .09km - he wants to get fit!

  3. As much as i love the warmer weather i think it's nicer to train and race when it's not so hot!

    34c is way too hot!


  4. Big congratulations on the 800m PB, Strewth! Same awful heat here too, but we still get out & train! Chicks are tough!

    Hope to see you on the AIS track next Thursday, 30th. Please don't tell me you'll be away!