Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back to RPM!

Wednesday 6.15am
This morning I made it to the gym on time to do an RPM/Spin class. It was a great workout and I really pushed myself which hopefully will help the leg strength!

5.45pm - Yoga
Tonight's class was great. It was a restorative session and just so good. Although some of the stretches and poses were a bit difficult there were also a number of relaxing poses and they are the best after a stressful day in the office!


  1. Hi Strewth, reading back over your posts a few things came to mind for me too. I'm also so busy and like you flutter with the idea of just staying home from work to get everything done. And the Christmas cards have started arriving and I'm no where near ready to do ours yet.

    I also wanted to congratulate you for that fantastic 10,000 on the track at the AIS. I thought you were tremendous. As a yard stick, I could only manage 59.30 for 10k in 1999. You did 53.46 and I think that is a beautiful set of numbers.

  2. I will not believe ever that your training is going backwards!

    Sorry to hear you will miss a chance to run with LL, now still try to enjoy the cristmas event.

  3. Where are you Strewth? Have the PH dizzy spells returned?