Monday, November 20, 2006

A Scorcher of a Canberra Day!

Yes, today reached 31deg and tomorrow's forecast is for 32deg so it makes for hot running weather!

6am - Gym
I used the stepper machine for my warm up then worked on the leg machine, adductors and abductors, before concentrating on the shoulders, chest, back, triceps, biceps and abs. I increased all my weights except the shoulder machine - I find that so hard!

5.30pm - speedygeoff's training group at Parliament House
My legs did not want to work too hard tonight and it was quite an effort to keep going. However after the warm up loop they started to feel a bit better. We formed teams of two again and this week I teamed up with Maureen. We ran a 600m lap as fast as possible (including hills of course) followed by a gentler 400m while our partner ran the 600m loop. We repeated this five times with very little break between each set. It was a really hot humid night and we were absolutely dripping by the time we finished the main set and ran our cool down (not that 'cool' is the operative word) lap back to the car park.

Distance: 9km
Calories burned: 520


  1. Good workout Strewth!
    Does Canberra really get that hot?
    It's always been cold everytime i visit D'oh!

  2. This weather is bizarre to say the least. I liked what you said about Sunday's international event. There was some fantastic performances all round and it was a pity there wasn't a little more publicity.

  3. I agree with Don about the lack of publicity for the triathlon - a World Championships - there should have been thousands of spectators.

    That relay was hard! I was ready to stop half way through!