Sunday, November 12, 2006

Swim, Track, Gym and an Undulating Weekend Run

6.30am - Swim
A lovely 1km gentle swim followed by a spa and yummy brekkie with CJ and Mr B.

6pm - Track at AIS
As I was on call to babysit I only had time to enter the 800metre event. I managed to take a few seconds off my previous time a couple of weeks ago which made me happy. My previous best was 3:36:81.
Time taken: 3:34:28

Friday - Gym
This morning I followed my program working on legs, chest, arms, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and abs.

Saturday - A Run with the 'Cotter Group'
I met up with Graeme's runners at Molonglo Reach at 8am. There were just six of us running together and at the 6km mark only us 3 "girls" decided to run the full loop. We ran past Duntroon and on to Mt Ainslie where we ran the reverse of the Vets' handicap run. It was obviously quite undulating and my calves were a bit tight. The previous day I had been packing boxes and running up and down 45 steps from my office to the office next door which also has 45 steps (and no lift). Yes, our office has relocated next door and it was a very full-on day. Today I ran with Liz and learnt yet another interesting life story. It's so good becoming acquainted with new people who have such fantastic stories to tell. Liz is just returning from injury. At the six foot track this year she unknowingly ran the distance in about 5hrs 45mins with a cracked pelvis! After the event she could hardly walk (not surprisingly). It took about two months however before she was correctly diagnosed and had to stop running for two months after that! What an incredible pain threshold she must have!

Distance: 16:40km
Time taken: 1hr 43mins
Average pace per km: 6:18
Calories burned: 1002
Fastest km: 4:57

Unfortunately I couldn't stay after the run to chat with the others who were gradually returning from the 7am group or with those who had turned back earlier as I had to quickly drive home to shower and change and go to help out at our Vets' Athletics tent at the Belconnen Community Day. That was quite fun with lots of familiar people dropping by. Then it was a nail appointment and a quick return to our tent to assist with the packing up, before going to the fruit and vege markets and the supermarket to stock up for the week. The temp today reached 29deg and was beautiful.

Today was supposedly a "rest" day. However, after taking my daughter to the airport from where she flew off to America for three weeks, I drove into work to scrub windows, desks and benches and unpack boxes in our new office. At home Mr B and our son spent a busy day working on the construction of a deck which will hopefully mean some lovely outdoor living during the summer months.

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  1. Her effort last year was amazing. She's a natural long distance trail runner - should have broken 5 hours last year.

    She didn't even complain the next day despite needing a stick to hobble around and see the sights of Katoomba.