Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday looking both ways to Sunday!

Yesterday turned into a "rest" day although that wasn't the original intention. I ate far too much for our Melbourne Cup lunch but still changed into my running gear after work and headed off with the intention of running (or plodding) in the first of the Spring series Cross Country runs. As I drove to collect Mr B the rains came down and the wind came up! Mr B was waiting outside his office looking decidedly "un-ready" for the run. Yes, he managed to talk me out of driving to the run and driving home instead. Oh why am I so easily tempted not to run when the weather turns cold? Of course by the time we arrived home the rain had stopped and I immediately felt guilty for not having run. I do hate my silly conscience sometimes - it's always telling me off when I wuss out!

6.15am - Gym
This morning I made up for it (sort of) by going to the gym in time for an RPM class. It was really hard work and my legs were burning. I'm sure it was just as hard as a tough run!
5.30pm - Yoga
After work I went to my yoga class - lots of difficult stretches, twists, leg poses, a very long shoulder stand and a 12 minute rest pose to finish.


  1. I think that's what the conscience is for, but it can be very annoying.

  2. At this time of the year, absolutely no weather around here is cold. Just 'bracing', that's all. Bracing!

  3. "Bracing", be blowed! I'll never forget how cold /bracing(?) it felt that night at the track.

    I'll be back on track next Thursday, Strewth, & again on Thursday, November 30th & I'm bringing a blanket & hot water bottle!

  4. "Conscience" I'm usually the one to talk to it and not the other way around. I often wonder why we have one sometimes. Life would be so hunky dory without it I think.