Monday, November 13, 2006

The Weather Won't Make up its Mind!

This morning I didn't manage to struggle to the gym although I woke before the alarm at 5.10am. I just felt utterly lethargic and my calves were still very sore so I gave myself an extra hour in bed before going to work to unpack more boxes after our office move.

During the course of the day it rained, the sun came out, there was a storm, strong winds, more rain and eventually it actually warmed up and the sun came out again in time for speedygeoff's training session at Parliament House.

After our warm up lap we started our main set from the rose garden. We divided into relay teams of two and I chose to be put with Ewen in the hope that he might be tired as he had already run over 6km before our session. We ran 400m hard in a hilly loop, tagged our partner and ran a gentler 220m while the other person ran the 400m. We repeated this seven times with very little time for rest before our team member tagged us. It was tough but I quite enjoyed it especially since I had contemplated not going to training as I felt pretty ordinary all day. However I think the training helped me feel better and although my calves and hamstring hurt a fair bit it was manageable. Thank you Ewen. We finished with a warm down lap of Parliament House.

Total distance: 9km
Fastest km: 4:28 (that must have been when speedygeoff wasrunning up behind me)


  1. Well Done Strewth!

    Keep up the good training!

  2. Ewen's best 800m time is/was 2:15 you know.
    Good thing he is not in that form at present! He gave you a good rest last night. between sprints.
    Congratulations on your 800 pb last week by the way, and the way you are training, there are more to come!

  3. Thanks Strewth - it was 'fun'. I think we were a good team. It's amazing how relays get you running faster than you intended!

    Well done on the 800 PB - sorry you won't be there to go for a 1500 PB on Thursday.

  4. You're right about this weather - weird to say the least! Good to see you were sensible and allowed yourself that sleep-in too. I am sure the body really needed it.

  5. The weather here is about the same. Great workout Strewth.