Sunday, February 05, 2006

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Long Run in Cooler Weather

Activity: Run 6.45am
Distance: 30.01km
Time taken: 3hours 9mins 24secs
Average pace per km: 6:19
Calories burned: 1833
Fastest km: 5:47
Temperature: About 25deg - much better

Comments: Met up with John (JS) at the yacht club and ran past the ferry terminal (loo break) where we picked up Jon and continued on past The Boathouse Restaurant and Molonglo Reach (another loo break) and on past Dairy Flat Road before we turned at about the 22km mark and returned over Kings Ave Bridge and back to the yacht club. Mr B couldn't join us on his bike today as he was playing squash all morning. Jon ran 14km with us and JS ran the entire distance with me. His intention is to keep me going at the Ultra and run the 50km with me. That will be great providing - (a) we can finish it comfortably or (b) we can finish the Marathon in 4 hours (not looking too promising right now but we'll work on it) and finish the Ultra with a smile on the dial! After the run we all paddled in that welcoming lake water. Gosh I love that lake after long runs. It is absolutely divine. After freshening up we drove to Kingston where we had a fantastic brekkie of scrambled eggs, spinach and fetta and really good coffee. Seriously that was one great breakfast.Yesterday I had a physio appointment and my feet were strapped in a strange way to support my arches. He also gave me some very deep massage on my feet and calves. It was great on the calves but my feet were really aching last night and I felt the pain in my heel as I ran today although it was run-throughable (made up word). Tonight however both feet are aching again. I have to report progress to the physio on Monday so will see what he suggests next. In the meantime the plan is to run with some of Mr B's friends tomorrow. My schedule says 8km but I believe the plan is to run an hour. I'll just play it by ear and see how I feel in the morning.
I have no idea what's going on with my "blog". I have copied and pasted this day about 10 times. Every time I do another blog this one disappears. Now I have Saturday after Sunday and I don't dare touch it again. I hope when I blog tomorrow that this doesn't disappear again. Heeeeeelp!!


  1. 3 hrs!!! That's incredible!

  2. Looks like your blog is working again - it also wouldn't let me comment on the weekend - a very strange bug at blogger HQ I guess.

    I was going to say we ran almost the same average pace for our long runs. Also, sorry you had such a bad cross country run on Tuesday - shouldn't have run such a long warm-down, but it was you who insisted on running that extra 0.01km!

  3. blogger has had a series of hardware problems. and has scheduled an hour of maintenace 2pm to 3pm our time today. some blogs haven't been up at all for a few days but most have. so hopefully all these problems will have been fixed soon.