Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday dawns!

Morning Activity

I couldn't even sleep in this morning as Mr B had arranged for us to meet some of his lady friends at the yacht club for an hour's run.

Activity: Run at 8am
Distance: 10.10km
Time: 59:54
Average pace per km: 5:56
Fastest km: 5:18
Calories: 583
Total distance for week: 83km - woo hoo!

Comments: Felt really good on this run for a change. As we were running speedygeoff appeared out of nowhere and joined us for nearly 9km, before he ran off to the jog-along, which was a lovely surprise. I'm sure he enjoyed it too as we were running with a number of young fit looking women who Mr B knows through squash contacts. We ran out for 5km which took 30:54mins then turned and ran back. I actually felt really good in the second half and managed a negative split. Even better I ran the last 2km in 5:18 for each km which is great for me. I was chasing Mr B! Have to work on those times so that I can run like that for longer now! I have run further this week than I have ever run in a week's training before. Now I have to work on the speed!
Evening Activity: Cycle at 6pm
Distance: 17.19km
Time: 55mins
Max sp: 32kph
Calories: 284
Comments: I thought the bike needed airing as I have another little triathlon next weekend so I took it out for a gentle ride. It was a pleasant time of day and I found it quite enjoyable.
Tomorrow a swim followed by brekkie and later speedygeoff's tough hill session at Parliament House.

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