Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An EARLY mid-week run!

Activity: Run
Distance: 18.31km
Time: 1hour 50mins
Average pace per km: 6:02
Fastest km: 5:47
Calories: 1121

Comments: Alarm went off at 4.30am and I obediently rolled out of bed. I ate one piece of toast and honey and left the house at 5.15am. I ran down to the lake through the dark cycle paths to discover that half the lights at the lake were out of action so I continued to run in the dark with caution. My left foot was a bit sore but I have a physio appointment tomorrow so he can check the orthotics yet again. It was a great feeling when I reached The Lighthouse Bar as there were lights and for about 10 minutes I could see. Then I hit the other side of the lake and it was dark again - it does make it difficult to run very fast when you have to watch your footing all the time. I also had to beware of cyclists as some of them failed to see me running in the opposite direction and there were a few near-collisions. However the ipod kept me humming along and I felt amazingly strong after two days of tough short runs. The only real problem happened on the cycle path approaching the last 4km when I turned my ankle in the gutter. I think it gave me a fright more than anything else as after a couple of squeals and a few limping moments I continued on my way. I didn't have time to ice it as we had auditors in the office today and I was expecting them first thing so needed to be at work asap. I have ice on my foot as I write this but my ankle seems fine. Tomorrow is the final aquathlon - hope the wind doesn't pick up at that time of day!
I did forget to say that yesterday the cross country run was at the National Library and it was a really beautiful setting on a glorious day - hot, certainly, but very beautiful.

Evening Activity: Yoga
A really good session tonight. Lots of stretches - ouch, but also about 4 sessions of different sorts of rest. I had to really concentrate on NOT falling asleep. I'm too scared I'll make funny heavy breathing noises or worse still, snore, as we lie on our backs! But oh, it's so relaxing after the hard work is over.


  1. I remember the days when nobody in the training group had an injury!
    I remember the days when my memory was reliable.
    I remember the days when all my friends were under 45.
    (Oops wrong blog for that last comment)

  2. Help! I'm being haunted by comments from certain people about being 45!

  3. Great run Strewth. It's good that you're feeling strong. I hope the foot is OK.

    By the way, it's interesting you have to get up 45 minutes before running.