Thursday, March 23, 2006

Everything Hurts and Tomorrow Looks Good!

Distance: 10:29km
Time: 59:22
Calories burned: 594
Average pace per km: 5:46
Fastest km: 5:05

Session: 15mins warm-up followed by 2 x 10mins tempo with 3 mins between then 15minutes cool-down and run the remaining kilometres to finish.

Comments: Ran from work seeking a satellite which appeared just as I crossed the bridge to the lake. Ran from the ferry terminal, past the museum, over Black Mountain peninsula and on a few more kms before turning and running back to work via the ferry terminal and bridge over the lake. It took ages to get into my rhythm. My knees hurt, my feet hurt (yes, I remembered my orthotics this time) and my back hurt. I managed to run through the pain in my knees and feet but my back hurt all the way to the end. I have a massage booked for tomorrow so here's hoping he can relieve the pain. My tempo part of the run wasn't exactly fast as I seemed to be running on the undulating parts again. I pushed but the legs just weren't cooperating.
I have been so hungry for the past couple of days. Tonight after my run I ate half a block of chocolate on the way home. I just couldn't last the distance. Oh dear, that's not a good strewth. Fortunately I had prepared tonight's dinner last night so it only required cooking rice to go with it so I could relieve any more hunger pains with proper food! Now I feel guilty but I still have chocolate cravings! Thank goodness I only had half a block of chocolate to eat and there's none left to tempt me!
Tomorrow is my rest day AND a massage - after the pain heaven awaits!


  1. I've been having chocolate cravings for the last couple fo days too but have so far managed to resist. Mind you if someone offered me chocolate I would take it!

    Enjoy your rest day tomorrow - I've run out of rest days! Bugger!

  2. See, finally I've read a good reason to run a marathon - you get to eat lots of chocolate :-)

    Enjoy your rest day; you've certainly earned it

  3. Sounds like a massage is just what you need! Enjoy your rest today!

  4. They mentioned on the TV several times, that Bronwyn Thompson, Long Jump Gold Medal, had not eaten chocolate for 10 years.
    Maybe that's why she didn't break 7.00 metres. ??

    She could learn a bit by reading these blogs.
    Especially which are the best tasting chocolates.

  5. Of course it was half of one of those teensy weensy 100 gram blocks so no worries!