Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Final Cross Country Race for Summer Series

Distance for race: 5km (5.12km according to Gandalf) plus 2km warm up and cool down (total 7.12km)
Time: 26:05
Average pace per km: 5:06
Calories burned: 300

Lap Times as follows:
2 4:48 1.00
3 5:12 1.00
4 4:59 1.00
5 5:35 1.00
6 0:35 0.12

Comments: Ran from work to ferry terminal which is 1km and ran back there after race. Mr B completed the race in 22:03 which was a PB for him. I took 26:05 (tbc) and was quite happy with that after my long run in the weekend. It was a good run just out and round the Museum and then a bit further until the 2.5km turnaround point before running back to the ferry terminal - definitely familiar territory. There are a lot of fast runners out there but I treated this as another training run. CJ was on duty so couldn't compete but as usual there were lots of familiar faces to chat to later. This was the last Cross Country race for the season and they have certainly been run on some very hot days. Fortunately the weather today was cooler and quite pleasant.

An early start tomorrow as I'm driving to speedygeoff's place to run with him and PRB on an undulating 19km course (distance to be checked on Gandalf tomorrow) before work. I plan to arrive at work late!


  1. Thats not bad for a training run strewth... i go slower than that for my 5km runs.What are you training for?

    Cheers R@2

  2. Gandalf always did like running the long way.

    Go Mr B!