Thursday, March 02, 2006

Aquathlon No 4 - Final Short Race

Activity: Swim 300m; Run 2.5km
Time: 21:54 (tbc)
Locality: The Boat House

Comments: The buoy was in a different spot this week and directly under the line of the sun. It was impossible to sight it once out there swimming so I followed other people's kicking to the first buoy and from then I just took pot luck with directions to the finish. It was a case of swimming 6 strokes then sighting to see where I was or rather the approximate direction of the finish line. If I could swim faster I might have been able to stay in someone's slipstream but as it was I had to just hope for the best that I would end up at the right place. At least it wasn't as choppy as the last race, just more difficult to see. However, I made it without being last and took my time in transition drying the sticks and grass and dirt off my feet and tightening my stretchy laces as I made the mistake of having to adjust my shoelaces and running with stones in my shoes last time. It was a good run. I really ran my hardest and passed quite a number of people out there - had to make up for the slow swim somehow! I guess the splits and correct time will be on the website in a few days. It was fun later chatting to lots of regulars such as Annemarie, Pam, Flashduck, Caroline and Aki. Mr B cycled down to lend his support. The Coolrunning team (Aki and FD) did really well.


  1. Glad you did well. "Not being last" seems to motivate you. Like last Monday night!

  2. Gee, you've been busy since I last dropped by!

    Glad the aquathlon went well. That distance for an event sounds like my cup of tea !