Sunday, March 05, 2006

Now I'm feeling Positive at last!

Activity: Run (surprise, surprise!)
Distance: 38.01km
Time: 3hours 40mins 17secs
Average pace per km: 5:48 (woo hoo, I'm improving)
Calories burned: 2328
Fastest km: 5:09 (at the 20th km)

Total Distance for week: 90km
Total distance for 2006: 686km

Comments: Met up with Marco at 6.30am at the ferry terminal. Mr B was officiating at the Sri Chinmoy triathlons at Yarralumla Bay and I knew the road was closed there so decided the ferry terminal was a better place to start. We ran anti-clockwise round the lake this morning - opposite to my usual route. It was different and a good change. Speedygeoff was out there running and joined us for a short time before he ran on to Weston Park to meet up with the jog-alongers. As we passed Yarralumla Bay I saw lots of competitors I knew. In fact there were a few familiar faces out there this morning. It was a great day for running. It wasn't too hot although later the temperature reached 30deg. When we arrived back at the ferry terminal (20km) we had run 1hour 56mins which was 1 min faster than the same distance last week. CJ ran in the opposite direction but the plan was that she would run some of the way with me once I left Marco at the ferry terminal. After contacting her by mobile I continued on past the carillon, The Boat House, Molonglo Reach and on to the Wetlands. Here I turned and met up with CJ before Molonglo Reach on the way back. She ran with me for about 8km until her Garmin beeped at the 34km mark and she stopped to walk back to the ferry terminal. I ran on to the museum where I turned and ran back to the ferry terminal as I wanted to run 38km. I couldn't believe the improvement on last week. I felt so much more positive about the marathon after that run and now wish I had run 40km. However, my legs were burning afterwards and I stepped into the welcome cold of the lake. Aaah bliss. CJ bought me a Pepsi Max and it was soooo good. It really helped standing there in the lake drinking pepsi!

After a rest and drying off we drove to Black Pepper where Mr CJ joined us and later Geoff B saw us and joined us for a drink too which was a lovely surprise. He's tapering for the 6' track next weekend. Later still Mr B joined us after finishing at the triathlons. It was very pleasant and relaxing. In the afternoon Mr B and I whizzed over to the Runners' Shop just before it shut as my physio has suggested I buy a second pair of running shoes. However they have to order them in as they didn't have my size. I did end up buying a running top without trying it on so I'll try it out tomorrow. It was a good day and I was so happy with my run today.


  1. Wow! That was a brilliant long run. You'll be well under 4 hours for the marathon (leaving speedygeoff way behind).

    Can't beat standing in cool, clear LBG drinking a Pepsi!

  2. Woohoo :-)

    Fantastic run Strewth and a great confidence boost! You must be really looking forward to next month now. Well done :-)