Sunday, March 26, 2006

Two Weeks to Canberra Ultra, a Shorter 'Long' Run and NO Chocolate!

Total km for first taper week: 74km

Distance: 30.01km at 8.15am
Time taken: 2hours 54mins
Average pace per km: 5:48
Calories burned: 1571
Fastest km: 4:51 (woo hoo)

Comments: Met up with JS at the yacht club and ran part of the marathon course from there. First we ran towards Telopea Park school where we ran round the last part of the 50km section to give an idea of where it goes then we ran round Parliament House and along Melbourne Avenue and on through Red Hill past those beautiful embassies and on along La Perouse Street which is surprisingly undulating and all tree-lined and gorgeous, then on through Manuka and back to the yacht club. It was exactly 30km - well, 30.01km by the time I had pressed the button on Gandalf! To start I felt a bit lethargic but once we were in our rhythm I felt so much better than yesterday. The only real drama was when I reached for my drink bottle and knocked my mobile out of its pouch and it fell heavily on the ground. We managed to sort of put it together but now I can hear other people on the phone but they can't hear me. Mr B thinks it's karma which is a bit cruel! It's very difficult when I can hear people at the other end saying "speak to me, speak to me" while I'm yellling at the top of my voice "HELLO, HELLO, I'M HERE!" Damn, how inconvenient but at least I can still send text messages!

After the run and the usual lovely cold lake paddle, we met up with Mr B, CJ & Mr CJ, The Hare & N for a scrumptious lunch at Black Pepper. I had such a great cappuccino too.

Oh and today while I was shopping for more guu Mr B bought a kitkat and offered me half and I said "NO". I also turned down a tim tam tonight. End of Day 2 of no chocolate - good girl strewth!


  1. Very pleased to see you didn't stop at 30 kilometres. Good girl strewth!

  2. Later starts, but still a good time to start your runs around Canberra.

    Now you've got to practice next Sunday, a 7:00 am start.

  3. What is up with the no chocolate with you and CJ - have you guys gone completely mad!

  4. If you can hold off from chocolate for a couple of weeks you can shake off the craving FOREVER! Which can only be good (unless you have shares in Cadbury. Which wouldn't surprise me at all). It's all to do with enzymes. See you at training tonight?