Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cross Country in Familiar Territory

Activity: Run
Distance: 5:01km for race followed by 7:01km warm down = 12.02km
Time for race: 26:48
Fastest km: 4:50
Calories: 313
Average pace per km: 5:18

Comments: Yes, my legs were tired and rebelled against running hard yet again. The first half was into a head wind and tough going but it felt better for the second half. Again I started out too fast at 4:50mins for the first km. It's so hard not to take off the way everyone else does but I really do need to pace myself better. Aki ran an amazing race and pipped Mr B at the post by 2secs in 22:35 - wow!
After the race and a quick chat with a few regulars Mr B accompanied me for a km and I ran slowly for a total of 7km to make up the 12km at an average pace per km of 6:05. I'm tired and I have to run 18km before work in the morning as I have yoga tomorrow night. The half marathon is on Sunday and I'm planning a rest day on Saturday with a nail appointment in the morning and a wedding to watch in the afternoon. This glorious Autumn weather is amazing. I love it. The nights are cool for sleeping and the days are in the late 20s to early 30s - very pleasant.


  1. Your foot must have been OK then?

    18k tomorrow morning?! Strewth, do you never get tired?

    So, no warm-up and a 7.01k warm-down (he says shaking his head).

  2. Hope the 18km this morning was enjoyable.

    Certainly looks like a great morning for a run.

    I've just finished the results from last night, and on reading your post, I double checked your result. :-((