Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In Need of Sleep!

Activity: Run at 6.15pm
Distance: 16.41km
Time: 1hr 33mins 9secs
Average speed per km: 5:41

Fastest km: 4:59
Calories burned: 1002
Locality: To and round Lake G

Session: 15mins warm-up then 5 x 4mins fast with 2 mins recovery jog between, then steady pace for rest of session. Needed to make up the few kilometres I lacked yesterday to keep on top of the distance. Mr B was feeling off-colour so I collected him after work and took him home which meant we missed the Cross Country race at South Curtin. I wasn't really too stressed about that as I didn't feel very enthused about racing anyway after the past couple of days. Instead I went out for a medium distance run and found it not too bad. I'm tired now though and all I want is to sleep. I plan to run my 12km run tomorrow morning and my 20km run on Thursday afternoon instead of tomorrow morning. I just find it too difficult to run 20km back to back with 16km and to fit it in before work. I figure if I run my long (40km) run on Sunday I still can have one day rest before then and joy of joys, Monday is Canberra Day and a holiday so I may even have an extra rest day as it's scheduled into my program anyway. I am so looking forward to that.


  1. The South Curtin run was up and down, and on dirt tracks mostly, so not a great run when in recovery after the Half Marthon.

  2. No, Canberra Day is hill sprints at Parliament House!