Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mid Week Madness

Activity: Far too early morning run
Distance: 18:01km
Time: 1hour 49mins 17secs
Calories: 1132
Average pace per km: 6:04

Comments: Oh boy, these early mornings are killers! Alarm went off at 4.30am, rolled out of bed for piece of toast and honey and a little cup of weak coffee which I don't usually have but I needed a caffeine hit. Once I started running I woke up cos the air was quite cool and conducive to a wake up call! I ran the Kaleen block then ran past the lake rather than round it as I was trying to stay in more lit areas although parts were still very dark and I had to watch my footing. I ran on through the tunnel towards Gungahlin then on a couple more kilometres before turning back along the cycle track towards the Kaleen shops and home. This early morning running is indeed becoming quite difficult as it's dark earlier. Besides because of the distance required in this program before work, it means a very early start so it's bound to always be dark! However, there's only one more really long mid-distance run left before the marathon. The others a bit shorter. Ran quite conservatively but was still tired on my return.

At lunch time I met a friend and we drove to Woden to collect my new running shoes. Yippee, I now have two pairs so I can alternate and they can breathe between runs!!

Tonight - Yoga

What a session! Heaps of difficult stretches - ouch, the calf muscles noticed it! Also lots of dog poses but the best part was we spent at least 20minutes on rest poses of all different varieties and indeed this time I did hear someone snore and it WASN'T me! Another lovely session.


  1. 4:30am?????? You're all mad. Mad I say. madmadmadmadmad.

    How can you blog to midnight and get up that early???

  2. Long run achieved and you are sticking to the plan like glue.

    That shows determination, so you're going to star in the Ultra, which does NOT have a 4:30 am start. :-))

  3. But speedygeoff - some of us have no choice cos we're not retired YET!