Friday, March 03, 2006

Somebody out there turn on the lights!

Activity: Run 5.30am
Distance: 12.47km
Time: 1hr 15mins 19secs
Average pace per km: 6:07 (Motion based says 6:02 - not sure who to believe!)
Calories: 766
Location: To and past Lake G, on through Giralang to tunnel, back on cycle track past Kaleen shops round Alberga St, then home via cycle track and road.

Comments: Gosh, my body did not want to move this morning - it strongly objected to running on a Friday which is my usual rest day but I decided to make it move anyway as I'm going to make tomorrow my rest day and run my long run on Sunday instead this weekend. It was dark again as I passed the shops and ran on to the unlit cycle track where the trees made eerie shadows as I ran. I was glad of my ipod singing ..."push, push, push" but it's pretty difficult to push too hard when watching ones footing. It took about 5km before I was in my rhythm this morning and by then I had reached parts of the unlit lake again. Aaaah, where is the man who lights up the street lights? Actually, it was quite funny really as I was just thinking - "damn, turn on those lights" when the song on the ipod rang out " ....shine a little light on the world...". It's quite bizarre how many times song words are so apt for the moment when you're at a particular point or thought while running. Anyway it wasn't a fast run but at least tomorrow I can sleep in a bit while Mr B goes to the lake to be a Technical Official at the triathlon. CJ and I will go there a bit later in the morning to check out the expo!

Mr B, CJ and I went to lunch at Bernadettes (a very nice vegetarian restaurant) today to celebrate a certain CJ's oncoming change of age group. It was fun and very yummy. I believe there will be fireworks in Canberra tomorrow night. Perhaps they are especially in her honour!!!

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  1. Lake G

    Could have read that as "Lake George", knowing the long runs you are putting in.