Monday, March 13, 2006

4 Weeks to Go!

Total distance 6-12 March - 84km

Morning Activity: An easy recovery swim
Distance: 1km
Time: 28mins!
Locality: Civic Pool

Comments: I found an almost empty lane and swam gently for 1km using it as a recovery session after yesterday's half marathon. I enjoyed it and for a time I was the only person in my lane. This was disturbed when a breaststroker decided to swim very slowly (yes, even slower than me) and spread out across the lane making it very tricky to pass. However, I enjoyed this start to the week and more especially the brekkie later with CJ and Mr B at RBB. Aaaah, I love that muesli.

Evening Activity: speedygeoff's Parliament House run session
Distance: 8.39km
Calories burned: 488
Fastest km: 4:51

Session: Warm-up followed by 4 x 940m hill sprints followed by a warm-down. It was hard work and I did my best and wasn't last! I did not run the extra kms to make it up to 12km after training tonight. I was tired and lacked the motivation to keep going. I also forgot to put my orthotics in my new running shoes which were the ones I packed in my bag so felt it a bit risky to run too far without them.

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  1. Well done for going to the session. I haven't run yet (its Tuesday afternoon) though am planning on running after work. Feeling tired and unmotivated.