Friday, March 31, 2006

9 Sleeps and a Drizzly Misty Morning Run at 6am

Distance: 10:01km!! (I did try to stop Gandalf at the beep, Ewen)
Time taken: 1hour 19secs
Average pace per km: 6:02
Calories burned: 594

Comments: This was supposed to be an aerobic session and I did follow the program but at a much slower pace than intended. It was difficult to see as everywhere I ran was covered in a low swirling mist and the street lights radiated a soft glow but not much light. It must have been raining all night and underfoot was wet and full of puddles and there was a light endless drizzle to keep me cool. I was leaping over puddles and avoiding uneven surfaces. I think I'm a bit paranoid about injuries right now! I ran for 20mins then tried 4mins faster, 3mins faster, 2mins faster with 2min jog between each faster bit. Note I say "faster" not "fast" as obviously my overall pace did not reflect speed! However I felt comfortable and quite enjoyed my run in the drizzly misty morning. Oh and Ewen I ran the Kaleen block 1 3/4 times but not in reverse. It is steeper the other way not more undulating - a definite blond comment!!


  1. Nine more sleeps! Will you be able to sleep on the last night? And if you were to have a nap in the middle of each day, would it be eighteen more sleeps?

  2. Sounds like great running conditions - apart from the uneven surface!

  3. Nice time there with an uneven surface... How is it at the race? Very hilly?

  4. Well, you are a blond.

    I admire Gandalf's keeness. He just loves running extra.