Sunday, April 02, 2006

One Week to Ultra (7 more night sleeps - no more day sleeps!) - Daylight saving ends!

Last longish run - Sunday
Distance: 17km
Time taken: 1hour 36mins 58secs
Average pace per km: 5:42
Calories burned: 975
Fastest km: 4:59

Comments: Daylight saving has ended and all our clocks had to put back one hour. It was freezing this morning. In fact there were signs of frost outside. Be warned interstate people coming to compete next weekend, be prepared for a cold start. Mind you it will be appreciated at the 30km mark to have that cool air. The sun was shining and actually it would have been perfect marathon conditions today.

I met JS at the yacht club and we ran to Telopea Park School which is the start and finish spot of the marathon and ultra marathon. Then we ran round NSW Crescent and back to turnaround point of ultra from where we ran back to Telopea and turned again visualising the finish and the feeling of running past the finish and on for that last 8km. Yes it will be difficult but WE WILL DO IT even if we walk some of that last 8km. I really really want to achieve that goal. We stopped Gandalf at the 17km mark and walked the remaining bit back to the yacht club where we had a shower and drove to meet CJ, Mr CJ, The Hare and H for brekkie. Mr B is currently in Melbourne watching the Grand Prix as he had a last minute opportunity for a grandstand seat - too tempting to refuse as he's a mad car racing fiend. It was a good run and we ran several kms at approximately marathon pace.
Saturday' short run at 8am
Distance: 8.05km
Location: From home to tunnel heading towards Gungahlin and back
Time taken: 46:38
Average pace per km: 5:42
Fastest km: 5:14
Calories burned: 465
Comments: Ran with Mr B before he headed off to Melbourne. It was a cold morning with a high wind chill factor. In fact I would not like this to be the weather for marathon day - the wind was bitter. It was cold, grey and generally bleak at this time of the morning. I wore a cycle top which has short sleeves and that worked well. We ran fairly conservatively but picked up the pace in the last 2km.

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  1. It was a tad cool this morning... maybe that's why I slept in. I'm about to head off for my run now in the nice sunshine.

    A pity Mark's car broke down while leading the race!