Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Crunching the Autumn Leaves!

What an absolutely perfect day in Canberra today. The sun shone down and the sky was blue, blue, blue. Mr B and I went to see the Rennie Ellis 'Aussies All' photography exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery by the lake. It was really interesting and of course necessitated a cappuccino afterwards followed by a walk beside the lake to look at all the plaques celebrating the Australians of the Year since 1960. I notice that initially there was just one Aussie of the Year then this increased to two Aussies of the Year which in the 1990s included a Junior and Senior Aussie of the Year and in the last three years has also included a Local Hero of the Year. I have run past these many times but never stopped to look. Walking slowly studying them gives a whole different perspective! It was quite seriously a glorious day and I knew it required a run. We were home by 3pm and I telephoned CJ to suggest a coffee at Tilleys later. Mr B and I ran to her house in Turner and then ran to Tilleys where she joined us for coffee and an Anzac bikkie (yum) and from there she took us home. It was a lovely day.

Distance: 9km
Time taken: 49:53
Average pace per km: 5:32
Calories burned: 526
Fastest km: 5:16

Comments: I so enjoyed this run. We ran along the cycle track to Lyneham and on past O'Connor to Turner crunching and playing in the autumn leaves which were everywhere. There were still plenty of orange and gold leaves on the trees as well as the crunchy leaves which we ran through. There was a little breeze blowing them around and it was such a lovely run. I had to run at a reasonable pace to keep up with Mr B but I enjoyed it and although I had initially intended to run a longer run I felt that this was a quality run and I did enjoy that coffee and bikkie at Tilleys.


  1. Aww, you sounded like you had an excellent run! The small amount of trail running I did today was also really beautiful, unfortunately not without it's purpose though! :)

  2. Lovely you can enjoy and realize about the beauty of the place you live...

    Nice to hear about your running again!

  3. Picturing your run as I read your vivid accounts. Reading about autminal leaves as our blossom appears is kind of surreal, and one of the many plusses of the smaller world we live in today.

  4. My mum makes the best Anzac biscuits. Good pace, good run!