Thursday, April 20, 2006

EASING back into it!!

Distance: 6km at 6.15am
Time taken: 36mins!
Calories: 363

Oh well, consistency prevails - consistently slow! The first 3km felt positively awful. My throat is very sore and dry and I was struggling although it was quite light for 6.15am and really quite pleasant out there. On the return loop I found a bit more rhythm and started to enjoy myself. In the weekend I must do a longer run. Time is running out for the Canberra Half and I need to reassure myself I can still run the distance!! I hope this niggly throat improves soon.


  1. You can't run the distance Strewth. 21.101 km is way too short!

  2. Had a niggly throat myself this week, but still managed to get hrough it. Us runners deal with these minor problems, you'll be fine. Look forward to seeing how you get to Canberra.

  3. Weather changes should be the blame of that sore throat, take care of temperature changes.

    Go on, the half is close!