Thursday, April 27, 2006

Maybe I should have stayed in Bed!

Distance: 6km
Time: 36mins
Calories burned: 351
Location: Kaleen block

Comments: It was an effort to force myself out of bed cos I had a bit of a disturbed night's sleep. It was 1deg and felt very cold. In fact I didn't warm up until the 4km mark.I didn't feel very wonderful on the run. In fact as I reached my door I thought I was going to throw up - must have been too many Anzac biscuits last night - they're so more-ish!! I feel like a blob. I think this Sat warrants a long run and on Sunday is the Vets' Handicap run. That should work off those extra kilos!


  1. It's so weird to read about the weather on opposite sides of the world. Good luck working off those extra kilos.

  2. It's hard enough getting out of bed in Sydney when the temperature is about 15 so I'm not surprised it's hard getting out when it's 1!

  3. How many calories in an Anzac biscuit? How many kms would you need to run to cancel out? Don't run too far on Saturday (not up any mountains or anything), Sunday's race is 10k! After your 50k you have probably forgotten that 10k is a long, long way.

  4. I feel like a blob of snot.

    This time of the year I feel rather smug as an afternoon runner, training in a balmy 10 degrees. ;-)