Tuesday, April 04, 2006

5 Sleeps Left! A Run after Work

Distance: 8.46km
Time taken: 49:46
Calories burned: 478
Average pace per km: 5:53
Fastest km: 5:16

Comments: Ran at 5.30pm from the office over the bridge to the ferry terminal and on round the museum and out along the lake edge to about 4.50km then turned round and ran back to the carpark near the office. It took me about 4km before all the twinges settled down. The legs felt like lumps of lead to start and it took quite a while to get into my stride. The session was to run 10mins at marathon pace but I actually ran about 4km at marathon pace as I felt much stronger in the second half of the run. By the time I returned to the carpark near work it was becoming quite dark which made it seem much later than it was. The mornings are lighter earlier however which is good. It was a much warmer morning today than yesterday. I noticed this at 7am when I left home for brekkie with friends. It would have been a good temperature for the marathon start!


  1. Yes, it was warmer this morning. Now we just need this wind to settle down!

    Go 'my blog name'! (just practising for Sunday)

  2. Sounds like it's getting quite chilly down in Canberra. I'll have to pack some warm cheering gear then.

    Look forward to meeting you on Sunday.