Monday, April 24, 2006

Hill Runs at Parliament House - 5.30pm

Distance: 8.61km
Calories: 491

Session: Warm up loop of Parliament House followed by 8 hill runs down and up the grass verges around each side of Parliament House. Some were steeper than others and as it was dark and we could see virtually nothing underneath or in front of us it was a case of running with caution avoiding uneven potholes and rough grassy bits. The second last hill was the steepest - oh boy, after going steeply down, down, down it was up, up, up and boy was it steep. Then the instructions were to run back to the last runners and repeat the hills and run on to the start. As the majority of people did not run back (Ewen and I did the right thing - tee hee) they had to run a steep grassy hill at the finish to the top of Parliament House grassy roof. Then we all went round to the other side of the roof and ran up the top of that side - another very steep hill. We then finished off with a warm down loop of Parliament House again. It was a good session. I chatted to two Barbaras - one a kiwi and the other a Q'lander "with attitude" who has just moved here. It was fun but next week I'll take a torch!

I had just finished my shower after arriving home when I receive a telephone call from the office. A couple of staff had worked overtime and forgotten their key so I had to drive back into work to lock up - oh joy! By the time I arrived home the second time I didn't feel like cooking a proper meal so I picked all night - bad girl. I need to return to my good pre-marathon habits. I may try a long run tomorrow some time as no need to go to work on Anzac Day. These Autumn days in Canberra are very beautiful.


  1. We must have obedient personalities. Or... do we just listen to instructions?